5 Great Deals And Promos To Look For In Your Network Provider

The mobile phone is one of the most important gadgets anyone can own. Whether you’re in business, employed, or still in school, keeping in touch with people that matter to you is a crucial part of life. A good mobile services plan allows you to conveniently communicate with your friends, family, clients, relatives, business associates, and even strangers. But then again, digital communication can be an expensive affair. That’s why it’s so important to really do your research when it comes to your network provider.

With more and more advancements being made in the world of technology, for instance, mobile phones and other tech gadgets keep on getting more expensive, especially as newer, more advanced models hit the market. Whether calls, texting, or the internet is your favorite means of communication, phone bills can exert a huge toll on your wallet. This makes it important to consider choosing a service provider based on the deals they offer and how much they can benefit you.

Before choosing one, here are 5 great deals and promos to look for in a network provider.

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1. Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) Deal

This is one of the most common deals you can find from most network providers. With a PAYG deal, you don’t have to sign a direct-debit contract. As you might have guessed from the name, you don’t have to pay a fixed fee each month when you get a PAYG deal. Some service providers call it a prepaid plan since you only spend the amount of advance credit that you top-up your mobile line with.

If you’re not a heavy mobile user, a PAYG deal can be a great option for you, so look for a mobile network provider who provides the best PAYG deals in terms of cost per minute of the call, cost per text message and cost per MB of internet data. The downside for this one is that you have to top up each time your phone runs out of credit. PAYG deals may or may not include international call deals.

2. Pay-Monthly (Postpaid) Mobile Deal

Just as the name implies, this plan allows you to pay a specific minimum amount to your network provider each month. In most cases, direct debit is the mode of payment. some of the best network providers also give you a free or subsidized mobile phone once you sign up for the deal. The deal gives you a fixed amount of internet data, SMS, and call minutes. The downside here is that you have to sign and commit to a legally binding 12 to 24-month contract.

However, some mobile network providers provide flexible pay-monthly mobile plans where you can opt out or switch to a different tariff anytime you want, provided you notify them in advance. nonetheless, the postpaid plan can be a great option for heavy phone users as well as individuals looking to buy a high-end device without having to spend an arm and a leg on the upfront charges. Just like with PAYG, this may or may not include international calls.

3. Sim-Only Mobile Deals

This one can be a great option when you’re happy with your current mobile handset. As the name implies, the deal gets you a new SIM card only. You can look at sim only deals as a more cost-effective version of monthly postpaid deals but without the convenience of access to a free or subsidized handset.

4. Buy-It-Now Discounted Deals

From time to time, network providers present their existing and prospective customers with highly enticing deals and promotional offers that run for a specified duration of time. Buy-it-now discounted offers can be great when thinking of upgrading your device. For instance, some will provide you with mobile handsets are highly discounted prices, along with a specified amount of free or discounted calls, data, or SMS.

These can be great when you’re looking to buy a new device for you or a loved one and end up saving some bucks on it. As enticing as they seem, the promotion data, calls, and SMS discounts may also be worth making the investment. However, you may have to subscribe to a specific mobile contract plan once your discounts get depleted or the discount period expires.

5. Bundle Deals

Most network providers also provide a variety of offers to their loyal and new customers. In most cases, these offers come in the form of SMS, call, and data bundles for a specific price. Especially for PAYG contract users, this gives you more control over your bills and more convenience depending on what takes up most of your phone bills between calling, SMS, and texting.

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