5 Drag-And-Drop Website Builder Plugins For WordPress

Years ago, individuals who wanted to create a website had to play around with complex code to achieve their desired results, and there was plenty of trial and error involved. Today, the resources available to help you build a beautiful site and expand your marketing potential are plentiful. From agencies that assist with creative services to developers coding useful plugging, starting a business, and building a digital presence is easier than ever.

Modern drag-and-drop builders make it easier than ever for non-technical people to successfully create beautiful web pages. WordPress alone offers a handful of drag-and-drop plugins that make building a website a much more seamless experience than ever before. As one of the most popular content management platforms, WordPress is a great choice to host your blog.

Drag-and-drop builders have become a prominent tool in web design. Many people don’t realize that, although the WordPress platform isn’t a drag-and-drop CMS, it has several plugins that can turn a simple WordPress dashboard into a fully functioning drag-and-drop content management system. Long gone are the days you had to head over to platforms like Weebly or Wix—which have limiting functionalities—to achieve your design goals. Here are five WordPress plugins you should try.

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Divi aims to take WordPress design to a whole new level with advanced visual builder technology. Build visually and create 100s of different effects. Highly customizable shape dividers incorporate a completely unique aesthetic, creating a much more cohesive flow on your homepage from section to section. And with neat bulk editing features, you can change several elements at once. For example, if you have multiple text blocks on the page, instead of editing each block, you’ll be able to make many adjustments simultaneously.


Currently, over 1,000 responsive websites have been built using the BeaverBuilder. This program is aimed at both novice WordPress users and web design professionals. Choose from one of its beautifully designed templates and get to work editing it to your liking. With total control, you aren’t forced to drop elements that “snap to grid.” They can be dropped anywhere you’d like them to be placed on the page. If you ever decide to switch themes, you won’t sacrifice your content, which will go back into the standard WordPress dashboard.

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a visual page builder that’s conversion-focused. This could be an ideal option for businesses who care about their bottom lines and data. Currently, the builder comes with 304 conversion-optimized landing pages to choose from, and you simply need to click to edit any of the features, eliminating all necessary code. Because of its pre-built conversion elements, it essentially replaces many of the WordPress plugins you might already be using, which can help speed up your site and keep everything in one place.


Elementor is an extensive page builder with a wide range of design capabilities. Because of its instant Live Edit and Page Load features, it works faster than ever, and won’t slow down your WordPress dashboard during the creation process. The interface is easy to work with; with no backend editor, all changes and edits are made directly on the page, and instantly viewable.

There are also several features that give you that extra “designer touch,” such as background overlays, headline effects, box shadows, and much more. There are over 100 full page Elementor WordPress templates to choose from, and over 300 different block types to use for your pages.

WPBakery Page Builder

Designed by Code Canyon, WP Bakery Page Builder is one of the most popular page builders on the WordPress plugin marketplace. What makes this plugin so powerful is that it can easily be integrated with so many other essential WordPress plugins, like Yoast for SEO. It comes equipped with front and backend editors, which is ideal for people who are a little more technically savvy and prefer to have editing choices.

Another especially important feature is that this page builder allows you to install any WordPress theme. This means you can choose any theme that fits your niche, and let WP Bakery transition it into a drag-and-drop work of art. Conversely, some of the other themes do not allow you to use themes outside of those provided, and you may have to switch builders if you did decide to change your theme.

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