5 Reasons Why UX (User Experience) Is The New SEO Success Formula

Your website’s user experience plays a key role in search engine optimization. So, what is UX and why is it so important for SEO? In this article, we will present 5 reasons why UX is the new SEO success formula and why you should focus on it if you want high Google rankings.

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Better UX Is Seen As A Better Search Result

Why should increasing user-friendliness and UX of a website be a part of your SEO strategy? Google and other search engines want to provide the best results for their users’ searches. The best result doesn’t mean only the best answer, but also the best experience. For example, if you’re searching for the answer to the question “What is keyword research?” Google wants to give you the best answer in a quick, attractive and secure way.

Your Other SEO Efforts Could Suffer Because Of Bad UX

As previously mentioned, Google and other search engines take into account UX as well as other SEO factors like content, keywords, and links. Even if you have produced an amazing piece of content, if your website is slow, messy or unsafe, Google won’t recognize your post as the best answer.

Google Takes Into Account All UX Elements

Google uses different methods to form an assumption about the way users perceive your website. It measures:

  • Website speed – is there anything more annoying than a slow website?
  • Mobile responsiveness – you can have an amazing desktop website, but if it’s mobile-messy, you will lose a valuable portion of the online audience, as well as the good impression on Google
  • The way you structure your content
  • Internal and external linking of your pages – a lot of quality links points to the conclusion that the users had a pleasant experience, right?

Good User Signals Are SEO Gold

Google uses user signals to find out how visitors perceive your website. User signals are patterns of behavior that Google notices on your website. If a lot of users leave your website quickly, maybe they did not find what they were looking for.

Other user signals are time spent on the website and return users (how often users return to your websites). If these results are high, visitors probably enjoy your website or find it useful. This type of statistics can be checked using Google Analytics and other website analysis tools.

Achieving Harmony Between UX And Other SEO Tools

Usually, SEO tools are seen as technical efforts to increase a website’s search engine ranking. UX design, on the other hand, can be viewed as a separate area, with SEO people and UX people being different people with different philosophies.

They are sometimes even in direct conflict – SEO strategies sometimes encourage methods that make the website less user-friendly, while UX promotes simplicity.

Although these two fields are different, they work very well when synchronized. The SEO-UX process works best when both concepts are in harmony from the beginning, which is much easier than trying to build a better UX on an existing website.

These factors are important both for UX and SEO. Google is trying to figure out what users are experiencing on your website. The positive user experience on your website can contribute to your ranking.

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