6 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Shipping Your Car

Did you know that the average American moves about 11 times in their life? This means that it’s very likely that you’re up for relocation soon. If that’s the case, then you’re probably bringing your vehicle with you. Otherwise, it’ll be a tough time getting around with no reliable transportation.

Instead of making the drive yourself, you might be considering auto transport services. If so, then read on. In this article, we’ll explore 6 mistakes to avoid when shipping your car and why you should get car shipping service from Nexus Auto Transport.

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1. Not Getting A Quote

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not getting a quote. There are several reasons for this. For one, you won’t know what to expect for your bill. It can be anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands!

Chances are, you don’t have a large amount of disposable income to throw away on auto transport services. So you’ll want to know approximately how much you’re going to be paying before you jump into it.

Getting several quotes can also help you compare each company and decide which one’s best for you. Considering that these companies usually have shipping calculators on their sites, there’s no excuse to do your due diligence.

2. Not Checking Reviews

A company might have great prices, but that’s not all that you should look at. You also need to see if they provide excellent and consistent service. A great way to do this is by googling their name and seeing the customer reviews on sites like Google, Yelp, and others. You’ll then get a good feel for whether or not the company you’re dealing with will give you an easy time.

You should avoid companies with multiple bad reviews, especially if they’re recent. You should also stay away from ones without any reviews (or barely any), as you’ll be taking a gamble on them, which you might lose on.

3. Choosing The Company With The Lowest Price

This isn’t always necessarily a mistake. But in most cases, it is. Some unscrupulous auto transport companies will entice you with really low prices. Many people will make snap decisions to go with the cheapest car shipping company, but then regret it in the end.

This is because these shady businesses will start tacking on all these random and hidden fees. As a result, you’ll likely end up paying more for these services than you would’ve, had you gone with a reputable company that seemed to charge a little more.

4. Choosing A Company With No Insurance

You might automatically assume that all auto transport companies have current insurance, but you’d be wrong. So before you sign a contract, make sure that your vehicle will be covered for the entire trip.

Any reputable car shipping business will offer decent coverage at no extra charge. It’s a red flag if they do, as they’re trying to nickel and dime you. They should also be comfortable going over the details of the insurance policy with you. Otherwise, add them to the list of auto transport companies to avoid.

5. Choosing A Company With Guaranteed Dates

Even the most skilled and experienced drivers can’t guarantee they’ll pick up or drop off your car at certain times. The logistics industry is naturally filled with random events, like bad weather, bad traffic, and even accidents.

While most companies can give you potential windows for pickup/dropoff, be wary of any that can guarantee these. They’re most likely hedging their bets and there’s a good chance they can’t deliver on those promises.

6. Not Being There For Pickup/Dropoff

Any company worth their salt will refuse to pick up or drop off a vehicle without the owner present, or at least a representative. During both pickup and dropoff, the owner and driver will do a thorough inspection of the car. That way, any preexisting damage is noted beforehand for a point of reference at dropoff.

You might think it’s more convenient if a company allows you to be absent for pickup and dropoff. But in reality, this might be a sneaky way for them to not take responsibility should any damages occur.

After all, if you’re not present for either/both, how can you have evidence that your car was damaged in transit while under their possession? So make sure you pick a company that insists on your presence and these inspections, as it shows that they take their business seriously.

What You Need To Know When Shipping Your Car

It’s important to stay abreast of the shipping process and all aspects that concern your vehicle’s transportation from one location to another to ensure a safe and timely transport. Here are the important things to know when shipping your car:

  • How Much It Costs: The cost of shipping your vehicle depends on different factors, such as the intended destination, scheduling requirements, time, and the shipping option you choose (open or enclosed transport option).
  • The Shipping Company: You need to do your homework and check the shipping company’s reputation by reading reviews. It pays off contacting the phone numbers of the shipping company to ask relevant questions about the shipping process to gauge their customer service level.
  • Booking Early: It’s important to book an auto transport service early to avoid schedule issues and choose the perfect date and time to transport your vehicle. It may take a week to transport a car coast-to-coast. Bear in mind that summertime is the peak period for car transport. So, you can save money if you choose to ship your car off-season.
  • Insurance Coverage: Choose a reliable shipping company that provides good insurance coverage, including the delivery of your car. Don’t forget to ask for a copy of the carrier’s insurance policy. This way, you can protect your investment, especially if you’re transporting a vehicle for selling

Get Car Shipping Service From Nexus Auto Transport

You now might be wondering how to avoid all these auto shipping mistakes. Easy! Turn to Nexus Auto Transport.

This company has an easy-to-use shipping calculator so you know approximately how much you’ll pay when using their services. Not only that, but they offer tracking services on your vehicle so you can get peace of mind while it’s in transit.

They also only use drivers with current cargo insurance policies. Plus, all truckers are screened for only positive scores to ensure that you’ll have a good experience. When you need to move your vehicle, it’s clear that you need to get car shipping service from Nexus Auto Transport!

Recognize The Mistakes To Avoid When Shipping Your Car

Now you know about the common mistakes to avoid when shipping your car. Also, you need to get car shipping service from Nexus Auto Transport. This reputable company will ensure that your car gets from point A to B in fantastic shape.

So when you need auto transport services, make sure you choose the best in the industry. You’ll be thankful you did. For more informative articles like this one, please take a look at the rest of our blog page now.

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