6 Factors That Make SSD Hosting Better Than HDD Hosting

In the world of web hosting, you will generally find many kinds of hosting options. The two main storage options you will come across though are HDD and SSD. HDD basically stands for Hard Disk Drive while SSD stands for Solid State Drive. The two different types of drives come with different specifications, and they have different modes of storing data.

SSD storage is one that relies on actual disks to store the data. SSD is a more recent form of storage where microchips are used in place of disks. One key issue that is known in the market is that SSD hosting is generally better. Here’s why.

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Data Security

When it comes to security, SSD is a much better system for storing data. The main reason why a lot of modern storage systems do not prioritize HDD disks is because of their susceptibility to mechanical failure. Storing large volumes of important data in actual disks is risky because after a while, the disks become old and dysfunctional, or they might just fail due to many moving parts. SSD storage does not require any mechanical operation. The data is stored in digital form and there is no mechanical risk. SSD storage is thus more robust.


Speed is crucial in the business of hosting. According to HostInspection, most users who encounter slow websites often end up abandoning them within a few minutes. Most websites whose data is stored in HDD storage are quite slow. Being a newer technology, SSD comes with faster execution speeds.

With up to 40,000 read and write speeds per second, SSD is way faster than HDD. The sites that have data stored with this method are thus much faster. SSD storage is also capable of reading and writing data at the same time. This makes the process of requesting and retrieving information very fast. This results in a more efficient hosting process and conservation of resources.

Power Efficiency

SSD storage is also very power efficient. The main reason why this is so is because of the non-mechanical nature of operations. In addition, the technology is also built to be environmentally friendly. Power conservation is very important in the world of web hosting.

Not only does power efficient storage options reduce the overall cost of electricity for hosts, but it also allows for the deployment of hosting resources in more locations. This translates into a better hosting environment and affordable hosting plans.

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