6 Noteworthy Web Development Technologies

Web design is a stunning science and art. As of 2019, there were over 1.8 billion websites, with only less than 200 million of them being active. As the world ushers in a new decade, it is only right that you acquaint yourself with the most recent developments in the world of web design. With these new approaches, it will be easier for your website to be noticed in the massive online crowd. More people will be drawn to your site and will feel confident about your brand. Below are some emerging technologies in web development to look out for this new decade.

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1. Adoption Of Chatbots

Chatbots are a relatively new addition to website design, with most website owners and companies using them to make customer support more convenient. In business, customer support is vital, as it may make a repeat client or a disgruntled one that takes eight clients along with them to your competitors.

With chatbots, you can count on reliable 24/7 customer support. Some bots are trained to make digital customer support more personalized by using client names rather than the cold, formal reference numbers. With chatbots, massive enterprises with little contact with their clients can foster some social interactions with them.

2. Voice Search

Voice search is the next big thing in making websites more mobile responsive. All smartphones come with a digital voice assistant (Siri for iOS and Google Assistant for Android) that can come in handy for users seeking specific information on your site. Voice search is convenient and easy to use, especially for senior citizens and younger children.

3. Single Page Application

Single Page Applications are preferred by users for making it possible to view all the web content on one page without having to reload by using JavaScript. Examples of pages that use this technology are Facebook and Gmail. SPAs are also convenient because they save time.

4. Blockchain

Blockchain has jumped from the world of trade to that of web design for the robust security it offers. The application of blockchain in website design is especially beneficial in the banking sector, where the storage of client details needs to be completely secure. In the coming years, blockchain will most likely find more use in website development.

5. Push Notifications

Push notifications are mostly associated with mobile applications but are now also being used on websites. These notifications are a simple and cost-effective method of capturing your potential readers’ attention. You can use them to inform clients about upcoming sales, discounts, events, and other beneficial incentives. However, you must avoid overusing them as you could irritate them and ruin your reputation instead.

6. Motion UI

Your website interface is key in making your readers keep coming back. Motion UI is your solution if you want to make your simplistic website capture your readers’ attention. It comes with charts, hovers, lovely headers, and striking background animations. However, this approach requires a high level of research and technical expertise to execute; strict implementation is vital for Motion UI to provide excellent results.


If you are wondering how to find a software development partner, ensure you enquire about these massive trends in website design as you look through their portfolio. They will make your website stand out and get more clicks.

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