7 Online Tools To Create Polls For Free

Do you want to know your market and how they think and what they prefer? Big brands and companies rely on surveys and polls to determine what their target market’s opinion is on their respective products or services.

They usually ask questions using an online survey and give several answer options to their respondents. They usually hire research groups to do this important task for them. The answers to the surveys or polls are tabulated and used as a basis to create ads or to create a marketing strategy.

What if you have a small business, or what if you want opinions from your readers or customers and do not want to hire someone? What if you want to do it yourself? Thanks to technology, we now have several tools that can help us create online polls for FREE!

1. Flisti – You can create an online poll without signing up.

2. 99 Polls – With your free account from 99polls you can create customized surveys and polls for your website, blog and social network profiles. Using 99polls is a powerful and effective way to get instant feedback and increase your site’s popularity among Internet users.

3. Toluna – This site that lets you voice your opinion and learn what other people think!

4. Poll Daddy – Set up an online survey in minutes and start collecting responses in real-time!

5. Vizu – This is a free and easy way to set up and customizable polls.

6. FaceBook Polls – This is an application on FaceBook that allows you to create polls. It is simple and easy to create and use. It allows you to ask your friends and family for their opinions.

7. Twt Poll – Engage Your Customers. Ask Questions. Get Feedback via Twitter.

Among the seven listed above, I have used TwtPoll and the FaceBook poll the most. Maybe you have other poll creating online tools that you have used before. If so, please share them with us here!