7 Smart Ways To Stay Safe Online

Since 2015, more than $1 billion in losses have been incurred by Americans as a result of cybercrime. It is projected that this will only increase in coming years due to our dependence on modern technology.

In fact, the numbers show that millions of citizens and businesses suffer the consequences of illegal online activities, according to the FBI’s recently released data. Below, we will discuss some of the best ways that you can ensure your online safety in an addition to your software and processes such as XDR.

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  • Make sure your mobile devices are properly updated on a regular basis. Having the latest versions of apps, browsers, and system updates ensures you’re less susceptible to hackers. Consider turning on automatic updates for the most efficiency.
  • It’s important to choose all of your passwords wisely and make sure that they don’t all match. A good password is at least eight well thought out characters in length and will contain a combination of special characters, numbers, and letters.
  • Avoid opening links or downloading any files from email addresses and companies you don’t recognize or have a relationship with. These phishing scams become more and more elaborate every year, and they can expose your personal data to hackers. Make sure to alert the company or organization that the phishing scams are impersonating so they can handle the problem.
  • Stay safe on social media by avoiding interaction with people you don’t know and amping up the security on your profiles. Don’t make your name, address, contact information or even your birthday public. All of these bits of information make it easier for unscrupulous criminals to harvest your data.
  • Ensure that your home Wi-Fi Internet connection is secured with a firewall and password protection. Avoid sending sensitive personal information through public Wi-Fi as it can make it easier for hackers to get ahold of it.
  • Always shop from websites that offer adequate security. Check the address bar of your browser and make sure you see the locked symbol and the web address begins with https://.
  • Most importantly, always check the privacy policy of a website you’re looking to deal with. Though verbose, reading through this information will shed better insight as to how the company plans to use the information harvested from your profile. If you disagree with their privacy practices, it’s best to shop elsewhere!

Internet security is precarious and many of us don’t realize we’ve been hit until long after the issue has passed. The above tips are there to help you limit the chances of having a major issue.

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