7 Solutions To The Most Common iPhone Problems

There’s no questioning the influence of the iPhone on modern everyday life, and how groundbreaking a tool it has proven to be. Its popularity endures, primarily due to the sleek design and the smart, intuitive software. That being said, the iPhone is also notorious for different bugs and confusing problems that come up from time to time.

If you are the proud owner of an iPhone but hate how annoying it can be, the following should be a good primer on how to solve the most common and frustrating problems you’re bound to face.

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Lost Battery Power

If you notice that you need to recharge your phone once every couple of hours, then your battery might be weaker than you realize. One quick way to fix a battery that is continuously being drained of all its “juice” is to turn off the apps you are not using in the background – by double-clicking the home screen and swiping up the various apps.

This should help solve your troubles. If, however, your battery power is still suffering, then it might be prudent to take your phone to a local service provider.

Frozen Touch Screen

Your phone’s entire functionality resides in your ability to use the touch screen. If that’s on the fritz, then you have a super frustrating problem on your hands. Your screen might not be working properly, or it just went black. The first thing you should do is get the phone charged as soon as possible, and, if it hasn’t gone black, force quit all the apps that are still on. Leaving the phone to charge for about an hour should help if it has gone black due to a software problem.

However, if the screen is cracked, then you might need to take it to be fixed since that contributes to the phone freezing up.

Can’t Get The Phone Charged

Another common problem that comes up a lot is the phone’s inability to get charged. If you have plugged it into the charger repeatedly only for it to come up blank, then you probably need to remove dust particles and debris in the charging port. Also, double-check your USB cable and ensure that it is still working properly.

Forgetting Your Password

If you forgot the password to your phone and got it locked as a result, that can be a real doozy. There are some tips at this URL that can be helpful, but also don’t panic as the fix can be easier than it seems. You can first try by getting Siri to send a message for you, which will take you to the messaging app. Or, you can also erase and restore your phone using your computer – while this runs the risk of losing all your information if you haven’t backed it up, it will at least return your phone to working order straight away.

Getting Water On The Phone

Perhaps nothing is as horrifying as your phone falling into the sink. Water and iPhones don’t mix, at all. The most common way to bring it “back to life” after such a disastrous event is to submerge it in a bucket or bowl of rice. That might seem crazy, but the rice absorbs the water right away. Give this a try for a few hours and then see if it works. If the screen is still black, you might have to go to a service provider for help.

No Wi-Fi Connection

This is a very common and annoying problem. If your phone is not connecting to the internet easily, then you can try restarting the phone by holding down the lock screen. If that still doesn’t work, then go to Settings, Wi-Fi, and switch the HTTP proxy to auto settings.

Camera Stops Working

If your iPhone’s camera stops working all of a sudden, this could be due to several reasons. It might be because you ran out of space. In that case, you can simply erase a few photos or an app that is taking up too much space in the phone’s memory. You can also check in Settings if you have any restrictions set up for the camera and ease those.

If, however, the camera is still not working, this might be due to a hardware issue rather than software, and it would be best to have it checked out right away.

It is easy due to the size of a cell phone and their relative affordability nowadays to take them for granted. However, they are still specialized mini pieces of equipment and will go a long way if taken care of properly.

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