A Camera Tripod That Fits In Your Pocket!

Taking photographs of everything that happens to us is definitely a trend. Thanks to the number of more affordable cameras available, we can take pictures till our heart’s content! We take pictures of the food we eat, special celebrations (birthdays, anniversaries, weddings) and other moments that we want to look back on and share with our loved ones.

Taking photos can be a hassle though when you want to take group shots. Most likely, the photographer ends up not being able to join in the photo. Or, have you been in situations where there are two of you and you can’t angle the camera correctly? You end up getting a bad shot because you were trying so hard to make sure that both of you got in the photo. There is now a tripod that you can bring along with you that will fit in your pocket. It’s called the bottle cap tripod. Technically, it’s not a tripod, but it functions as one!

Just fit the nozzle on your small digital camera and place the end on a bottle containing liquid to make it sturdy. Your camera can even be angled up to 15 degrees in all directions, allowing you to take the perfect picture. The device also fits on any standard digital camera, and the rubber seal fits in any standard bottle cap. With the Bottle Cap Tripod, taking group photos is a cinch!