A Fascinating Stop Motion That Tracks Human Growth

In case you are unfamiliar with what stop motion is, it’s an animation technique where you take individual photographs and put them together to make a video where it looks like they are moving when they are played in sequence. You’ve probably seen clay figures in stop motion videos before since they are often times used to create that effect.

I’ve watched a lot of stop motion videos before, but I’ve never seen anything like this. The parents of this little girl, Natalie, went to a lot of trouble to create this stop motion which tracks her growth. They basically took one picture of her every day for ten years (wow, that’s commitment!) and then put them all together to create this 90-second video below. Dang, and I thought I was a good mother because I take a few pictures each month. Lol

That’s right, you can watch a girl go from birth to ten-years-old in this 90-second stop motion video. Speaking of human growth, have you ever wondered why we stop growing? I learned today that our pituitary gland secretes hormones which cause us to grow. Our human bodies have evolved over time to know when to stop releasing those hormones, and when that happens, we stop growing. This is really neat. I suppose Natalie is about twelve or thirteen years old now. I wonder what she thinks of this!

[via Wonder How To]