A Tiny Tilt-Shift Time-Lapse World Created With A Smartphone

Tilt-shift photography is a technique that makes the end result simulate a miniature scene. I’ve always thought of it as a very complicated procedure requiring fancy lenses and camera equipment. However, amateur photographer Stu Kennedy recently showed the world that not only do you not have to have fancy camera equipment, but you can also get this effect from simply taking a video with a smartphone and editing it.

He used his Samsung Galaxy S2, which has an 8-megapixel camera and can video in HD (1080p). He created a time-lapse video combined with a tilt-shift effect that will blow your mind. These look like little toy cars and plastic people figures we played with when we were young. First he took the HD video, and then he edited it with software to create the itty-bitty effect. Last but not least, he added a complementing soundtrack to the video.

Of course, I’m oversimplifying it a bit for this article, but you can click over to Tilt-Shift, Time-Lapse Video From Camera Phone Transforms the Real World Into a Mini Toyland for more details and tutorials (I know… it’s the longest post title I think I’ve ever seen LOL). Stu says he did it because he was “overwhelmed with the capability of the Galaxy S2” and he “wanted to do something cool with it.” I’d say you did a fabulous job Stu. It’s truly breathtaking!

Creatie A Tiny Wonderland World

Create A Tiny Wonderland World

Create A Tiny Wonderland World

Create A Tiny Wonderland World