Alertron: The Bluetooth Babysitter For Your Phone

It’s interesting to me that as the number of gadgets we get grows, so do the number of products that help us keep up with them. We depend on our technology for almost everything these days, and it’s only natural that we would lose our gadgets from time to time. Last week I wrote about a remote control that finds itself when you lose it. I’m sure that little goody will come in handy for a lot of people!

Today, it’s all about our smartphones. These days, losing our phone can be a huge deal. It means all our business contacts; all our personal information and all our data could be in the hands of a complete stranger. Even more importantly than all that, if we lose our phone we will be out of touch on our social media sites like Twitter, and that would be truly tragic. :)

Now for only 22 bucks, you can get the Alertron anti-theft and anti-loss device for your phone. It’s like a little device that constantly keeps an eye on your phone for you. I call it a babysitter for your phone. You simply sync your phone and the tiny device (Bluetooth connection). Anytime your phone is more than 5 meters away from the device, it makes a loud noise to alert you that either someone has taken your phone or you have left it somewhere.

So, then the question becomes, where do you put the Alertron device? Whenever you are away from home, it makes sense to keep it on your keychain since your phone wouldn’t normally ever be 5 meters away from your keys in that situation. However, what if you are at home? What if you are like me and you carry your phone with you everywhere around the house? Hmm… I haven’t quite figured that one out yet. You can learn all the geeky details about the Alertron device here on the Chinavasion website.

Alertron Bluetooth Phone Device

Sign For Misplaced Phone

Alertron Anti-Theft Device Phone

Via: [Red Ferret]