Android vs. iPhone – Which Is The Best For Mobile Gaming?

What would life be without entertainment? A quick way to unwind from daily worries is by spending a few minutes playing a mobile game. But which device should you get? What are the pros and cons of Android vs. iPhone for playing games on mobile?

Android enthusiasts engage in never-ending battles with the iPhone addicts about which phone is better and which system provides more significant benefits. Beyond preference though, a good mobile gaming experience depends on a few objective factors. Let’s see how the two types of devices address each of those.

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Android vs. iPhone Gaming Challenge

The factors that can make or break your mobile gaming experience are the specifications of the device, availability, and accessibility of the games.

1. Device Specifications

A good mobile gaming experience starts with system velocity, reliable network connectivity, and good battery life. Regarding system velocity, Apple’s iOS is renowned for its fast responsiveness. Since all iPhone devices come from the same house, they all share this feature. Android is an operating system used by many manufacturers, and not all devices live up to the expectations.

The responsiveness of each Android device depends on the components it includes and version of the system involved. As far as connectivity and battery life is concerned, there are negligible differences between iPhone and Android, but again, it depends on the actual Android device you have. Unless you opt for a high-end one, Android may disappoint slightly.

On the other hand, Android beats iPhone in terms of flexibility. Because it equips so many devices, it is accessible to everyone, regardless of how much or how little you want to spend on a smartphone.

2. Game Availability

A quick look at both Google Play and Apple Store reveals a considerable availability of games on both platforms. Most developers even release versions of their apps compatible with both Android and iOS, so that all users can enjoy the same benefits.

The most famous game brands including Rovio, Nintendo, and EA Games, are available on both Android and Apple, so we’d be tempted to call it a tie.

For the many people now also like to play casino games on their handheld device through popular platforms like bet365 Casino and Arcade, iPhone may be a better bet. Although some of these platforms release game versions for Android too, many of them are only available on iOS.

But in case you don’t care about the game provider, Google Play offers app versions of dozens of the kind of games that can be played online at the UK’s new slot sites and casinos, though many of these come from less well-known developers.

3. Game Accessibility

A thing to understand about game accessibility is that just because you can see them in the store, it doesn’t mean you can actually play them. At least not without paying. This is often the case of the games present in the Apple Store, because Apple may often charge you for download permission.

Google, on the other hand, promotes accessibility for everyone. They charge Android users nothing for downloading games that are offered for free by their producer. If you will ever have to pay for a game here, it’s only because the owner of the app set a price.

When it comes to game accessibility, therefore, Android gets a massive bonus from us for its free or cheap apps.

And The Winner Is

Considering all the points above, we have to call it a tie. Apple comes with some advantages regarding game exclusivity and hardware specifications. Android catches up thanks to a huge game selection and low to no charges.

While many brands have agreements with Apple to release the games on their platform first, Android is hard to beat when it comes to offers and promotions for the few apps that don’t come for free in Google Play.

Perhaps the only thing that has iPhone fans jump for joy is the uneatable connectivity of their smartphone with any other Apple devices they might own. If you’re the proud owner of an iPhone, in fact, once you download a game or app from the store, you can access it from all other Apple devices including your laptop, iPad, and even iWatch.

Providing user-friendly interfaces, a variety of games and apps, and largely comparable in terms of device performance, both Android and iPhone can make a great choice for mobile gaming. It ultimately depends on whether you value exclusiveness or flexibility more.

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