Are You A Digital Ninja?

It is becoming more and more popular for brands to use digital technology as a medium in order to get noticed. Along with that are more and more people who want to be known as an “expert” in that field. This is especially true in the world of advertising where the majority of the practitioners have been used to using the traditional mediums (print, TV and radio). Now people are clamoring around to get into the game and start calling themselves digital natives. They think that if they open an account on FaceBook, join Twitter and write a blog, that will suffice. I have been in the advertising business for over ten years already. Since I was lucky enough to start early, I was trained to do below-the-line campaigns. I’ve spent many sleepless nights studying and experimenting, and I must say I am still learning and experimenting.

Digital technology, as a medium, cannot be learned overnight. Some people end up becoming digital ninjas and failing because of the mindset that it is something that can be learned quickly and that translating commercials or print ads to digital materials is enough. I believe that hard work, research and patience are important before anyone can really qualify as someone capable of giving good recommendations to their clients. Here are two tips that I hope can help anyone get started:

1. Play – Play games, use applications and experiment with tools. There are a vast number of things you can learn from doing and experimenting that can eventually help you develop your skills and really see how things work online. You will never learn what you need to know just from reading about it. The best way for you to be in the position to give the finest recommendations for a campaign is to ask yourself if you, as an online consumer, would actually participate in the campaign.

2. Research and get to know what your target audience is doing – Get involved and really immerse and engage with your audience. Do your homework and research online behavior. Know what people are doing and where they actually go to converse. Know where they get their information, and when they are most active online.

An office mate shared with me the video below that I found hilarious, but also very interesting. It illustrates my point. Watch it, and see if you are a digital ninja.

digital ninja from moon stuff on Vimeo.

Image Source: [Benis Arapovic / Shutterstock]