Best DTG Printers To Use

If you’re thinking of starting a t-shirt printing business, you’re in for a fun ride! It’s a quickly growing industry that is far from maxing out. The potential to grow as a business owner is unbelievable, and if you’re a creative type, you’ll have a lot of fun as you do!

To get your fantastic designs on t-shirts to sell, you’ll need a printer worthy of your business. Which are the best Direct-to-Garment printer options? Here are a few printers we think you’ll love and that will help your business succeed.

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Brother GTX

Brother is one of the most dependable DTG printer companies around. They have been around the DTG industry for years and have built a well-known reputation for the quality of their machines. Their GTX model is one of their more affordable options and fits well in compact spaces like home offices.

Here are some of the specs we love:

  • You can print a large 11×11 design on a dark-colored shirt in a lightning-fast one minute and twenty-one seconds. It’s even faster with light-colored shirts.
  • It prints up to 16×20.
  • It’s a low-maintenance machine in comparison with many options on the market. Their wet-capping technology and white ink circulation save time and money.
  • Ink on t-shirts cures in thirty-five seconds.

The price-point for this machine comes in right around 22.5K, making this a hefty but reasonable investment compared to some options available on the market.

Epson F2100

Epson is a well-known standby in the printing world for a good reason. They’ve created a name for themselves in the DTG world printing world and their name is synonymous with quality. Epson’s machines produce strikingly clear images and detail quality is no problem for many of the printers in their lineup.

Here is what we love about the Epson F2100:

  • A quick-load platen reduces load times for each project.
  • A fabric-wiper, in-line cartridge cleaner, and self-cleaning system saves time with hassle-free daily maintenance.
  • The printheads on this machine were designed specifically for DTG printing.
  • Each machine comes with a 1-year on-site warranty with phone support and an optional extended on-site service package.

This particular model is one of the more affordable printers on the market coming in right around 18K. That’s still quite an investment, but this machine can accomplish a lot.

Richo Ri 6000

While not as widely known as Brother or Epson, Richo has come to the fore in the printing world with top of the line machines that offer quality printing projects for any DTG need. You won’t be disappointed.

The Ri 6000 holds its own alongside the major DTG printers for the following reasons:

  • It’s easy to set up and start using.
  • It can print a 10×12 image in twenty-seven seconds.
  • This can handle a max printing area of 14×18, making all your printing projects a possibility.
  • The Ri 6000 can handle the brightest, most vibrant inks in the industry.
  • The printers are reliable machines, and the company stands by its products.

This is a more expensive printer than our other two options, coming in at 35K. Don’t let that scare you.

Which Will You Choose?

No matter which of these three printers you choose, you won’t go wrong. All three printers offer solid options for growing your t-shirt printing business. When deciding on a machine, keep in mind the initial price, in addition to the value points each printer offers such as ease of maintenance, total printing size, and warranty options. We hope this has helped you narrow down your decision! Which one will it be?

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