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As the boat automation with the help of electric linear actuators reached totally new heights, vessel owners in recent years show the increased level of interest to the marine actuators.  More and more automation leaders around the world trying to catch their target audience and provide this audience with what they desire the most.

Automation leaders supplying their automation tools widely around the world improved their marine actuator technology so impressively that the automation market for marine purposes has never been richer for various devices and gadgets capable to simplify the maritime business.

The electric linear actuator of Progressive Automations manufactured especially for marine purposes have the IP protection class that allows using them even under the most severe weather condition.

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Powerful sea and ocean storms of smaller categories according to the Saffir-Simpson hurricane wind scale can no longer cause significant damage to vessels protected with automated actuator solutions.

All boat hatches equipped with Progressive Automations’ marine waterproof actuators can stand even the most powerful storm surges and prevent hatches from leaks that under no protection can fully flood and even sunk the vessel.

Being the undoubted automation expert in the United States and Canada, Progressive Automations manufactures the best marine actuators suitable for different types of vessels. Their linear actuator solutions can make hoods, doors, and hatches open and close automatically.

The most popular and convenient electric linear actuators for marine purposes are distinguished by their IP65 and IP66 protection class. This powerful protection makes them the most reliable resource for vessel installation. These highly-protected actuators are good for marine implementation for a number of reasons, and here are some of them:

  • High resistance to wind and water splashes;
  • Silent operation causing no noisy discomfort in calm situations;
  • Additional mounting brackets supplied along with product for better installation in different conditions;
  • Suitable control systems making remote control of each device a piece of cake;
  • IP65 and IP66 protection class which is definitely the undoubted plus in every situation;
  • 18-months warranty;
  • High-level customization and unprecedented adjustability;
  • Impeccable customer service.

The diversity of products offered by Progressive Automations allows covering almost all possible projects – that is why more and more customers are so willingly using actuators solutions provided by this automation technologies manufacturer.

Their products are dedicated to being used for both interior and exterior implementation. This creates a variety of options when deciding about the automation of engine hatches, cabin & kitchen automation, window, etc.

Progressive Automations manufacturer supplies its electric linear actuators with all the accessories important for the correct installation of the relevant device. This particular attention of manufacturer to each detail allows avoiding numerous mistakes usually made by yachts owners themselves just because of the absence of the relevant experience in the sphere of boat automation.

Already suitable and available mounting accessories allow mounting electric linear actuators even on the exterior of the vessel. These are the automation of engine hatches, windows, ladders, and even masts and braces. Linear actuator solutions provided by Progressive Automations can be used for literally everything.

The interior automation achieved with the help of linear actuators allows installation of drop-down or pop-up TV monitor lifts, which are capable to preserve some space for the installation of something not less important and introduce a little modernity in each inner vessel interior. However, TV monitors are not the only thing you can automate with electric linear actuators. Here are also automated chairs, tables, beds, kitchen, and many more.

With the unbeatable and undoubted quality of its products and their significant protection class, Progressive Automations can cover every automation need on board of different vessel types. Think progressive and chose linear actuator solutions of Progressive Automations now.

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