What Are The Best New Automation Devices For 2018?

It used to be that only wealthy people could have “smart” homes, but the automation industry has exploded over the past several years. The new technology means that anyone with a smartphone can control things around the house without ever having to leave their couch, even while they are away on vacation.

It is possible to have everything in your home run from your wifi. The hottest new trend for home automation is to do everything remotely with the touch of your fingers. The biggest home automation solutions devices for 2018 can control everything from window coverings to dog feeders. By connecting everything, they help your house run smoothly with very little effort.

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Home Automation – Controllers And Hubs


Using the Echo Bluetooth Alexa speaker is like having an assistant at your side to do everything you ask. Made by Amazon, it is the control center for your home’s automation. Working as a central hub, you can use it to control all your favorite gadgets with voice command. The Alexa can recognize your voice and follow your verbal commands. It can also include a touchscreen, so you can make video calls to friends far away and do some other pretty amazing things.

Wink Hub 2

The Wink Hub 2 is carving out its own niche in the automation world. It is a central hub that works with just about every type of gadget connection you can imagine. Not just limited to Bluetooth and wifi, it can also work with Lutron Clear Connect, Zigbee, Kidde, and Z-Wave. That makes it one of the most versatile hubs to hook up everything in your home and command all your automation gadgets in one step.

Logitech Harmony Elite

If you like a little of the “old school” along with the new, then the Logitech Harmony Elite is the perfect remote. It isn’t like a regular remote; it allows you to control everything with just one gadget. It gives you the ability to control all your devices without ever having to get up.

Home Automation – Surveillance Cameras

Netgear Arlo Pro 2

Perhaps one of the fastest-growing automation segments is surveillance cameras. The Netgear Arlo Pro 2 is leading the pack. It is an outdoor security system with one of the best video qualities on the market. It is also easy to use, offers both motion and sound detection, and has rechargeable batteries. The best addition is the geofencing, which allows you to see what is going on from many different angles. It is an automation device that works well with others. It is a camera that can be tied into the Amazon Alexa voice command system to integrate every smart gadget into your home.

LG Smart Security Camera

If you’re looking for an indoor security camera, the LG Smart Security Camera offers the best indoor wifi system to help keep tabs on what is going on inside your home. You can pair it with other components to create an entire security system for both indoors and out. It has 24-hour monitoring paired with ADT’s Canopy service for when you are away. It is an ideal automation tool for homeowners who are looking for indoor surveillance but don’t want to pay for a professional service or contract.

Tend Secure Lynx

The Tend Secure Lynx is also an indoor system that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Don’t underestimate it based on its size; it has a full 1080p quality video, which is one of the sharpest cameras you can buy. It also comes equipped with night vision, so you can keep an eye on things when the lights go out. Motion sensors, two-way audio communication, and free iCloud storage all come standard and allow you to monitor your home while you’re snug in bed.

Nest Cam Outdoor

If you are looking for outdoor security, the Nest Cam Outdoor camera is one of the best in the industry. It delivers 1080p resolution and comes with video recording capability that hooks up to your wifi system so that you can remotely watch who is coming and going using your smartphone or mobile device. It can also distinguish between humans and animals and will alert you if it senses something that shouldn’t be around.

Automation used to be something that was expensive and required professional installation. The products being released for 2018 are allowing everyone from apartment dwellers to homeowners to have the ability to safely monitor their house and take command of it with nothing more than a few words or their smartphone.

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