Beware of the Adorable Killer Lamp

Have you seen the latest spoof of the Pixar OBB (Opening Billboard)?  Well the video here is a spoof.  Pixar is a very popular animation studio, which is well known for its extremely advanced CGI productions. It has been a partner of Disney for many years and now is owned by the company. The company began life as a division of George LucasLucasfilm in the early 1979. It was bought for $10 million in 1986 by Steve Jobs, who is now its chairman and CEO.

I love the way the animation was made, it was so funny and very entertaining.  Poor Lamp what he had to go through because of an accident while filming on the set.  The characters really came to life (well, not for the poor letter “I”.  animation has really gone a long way.  Even the spoof was made with careful detail from the expressions, the feeling the anguish, the feeling of guilt was portrayed here even if the characters were not human.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did discovering the video for you.

The other video is the original PIXAR short.