How To: Block Phone Numbers, Texts & FaceTime Calls Using iOS 7

With all the high tech features packed into our iPhones, it’s always seemed a little strange to me that we can’t easily block phone numbers, text messages and FaceTime calls. There are ways to do it of course, but if you don’t want to jailbreak your phone or go to the trouble of creating a special ringtone for certain contacts, it’s not easy. We should be able to keep unwanted correspondence from reaching us, and finally that is possible with iOS 7. It’s super easy too.

My guess is that as our communication becomes more online and less voice, eventually we’ll be able to block every call unless it’s whitelisted. That would be downright dreamy, but for now, at least now we’ll be able to block phone numbers, texts and FaceTime calls that we don’t want to receive.

Keep in mind, this iOS 7 feature sends calls straight to voicemail, so unfortunately you may get a voicemail box full of messages to delete. If you need to block a number so it can’t even get to your voicemail, it may require contacting your carrier. Most carriers allow you to block a few numbers each month for free, and then after that there is typically a fee.

This iOS 7 feature allows you to block phone numbers whether they are in your contact list or not. It’s super easy either way, and this short video below will show you exactly how to do it. Like I said, once you block a number, the person will go straight to voicemail when he or she calls. If they send you a text, it will show that it was sent, but you will never receive it. If they FaceTime you, it will just endlessly ring.

This will come in real handy for those pesky telemarketers who won’t stop calling you, an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend who is driving you bananas or even someone in your family who is being extra needy lately. Good luck!

Block Phone Numbers, Texts & FaceTime Calls On Your iPhone


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