High Tech Building Blocks Kids Control With Their Smartphones

You may have heard of ATOMS Express Toys by now since they had explosively successful results on Kickstarter earlier this month, but if you haven’t, you’re in for a treat. It’s not often we see a company that could potentially inspire and change how kids interact and play with toys for years to come. ATOMS Express creates high tech building blocks that kids control with their smartphones.

These building blocks are super easy to use, and kids can use them to make things explode, light up and do all kinds of other cool stuff. By encouraging a kid to build something that he can then use to prank his friends by exploding it or something super cool like that, ATOMS Express not only teaches kids how to engage with technology in a fun way, but also how science works. Kids control all this with a smartphone, which makes it even cooler. These blocks could no doubt inspire a whole new generation of engineers and creative thinkers.

Are these the future of LEGO bricks? Can you just picture what it would be like to put together a super cool LEGO set and then make it do things with your smartphone? Kids control all of it, which sets their imaginations free. For example, kids could build a crane, and then make it actually work.

In their Kickstarter campaign, ATOMS Express set a goal of $100,00. They reached $183,232 on January 2nd when the campaign was over. After that, they made a strong showing at CES 2013. Ever since then, they’ve been in the news and on blogs everywhere. I have a feeling we are going to continue to see great things from this company. In these 2 videos below, you can get a taste of what this is all about. You will be able to find these in toy stores around the world later this year. Inspiring!

High Tech Toys Kids Control With Their Smartphones



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