Brands In Social Media: How Popular You Need To Be [Infographic]

This is some really interesting information to me. We always say that as an individual, it’s not about how many friends or followers you have on your social media sites. Instead, it’s about the engagement and the quality of the individual relationships and contacts you’ve made, whether they are personal or business related.

However, as a brand, that is a little different. Of course, engagement is still important for brands in social media, but let’s face it… The more influence a brand has, the more followers and fans they’ll have. The more followers and fans they have, the more people their products and services will be exposed to. And, all of that activity equates to more dollars that hit their bottom line.

I read a very insightful article today called How Pinterest Drives Ecommerce Sales. On Pinterest, the value and impact of each follower for a brand is quite significant from an ecommerce perspective. There is a whole psychology there that is unique compared to any other social media service. You can read that article to learn more about that.

So, if we are going to break this down into actual numbers, exactly how many fans and followers does a brand need to have in order to be considered a top Internet retailer? Campalyst recently studied the social networking profiles of the top 250 Internet retailers to pull all that information together for you in this infographic called Top 250 Internet Retailers On Social Media. If you are a social media brand manager, now you will be able to see what numbers you can reach for to be included with the big dogs.

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Via: [Econsultancy] Header Image Credit: [European Consumer Law]