Why More And More Businesses Are Adopting SD-WAN Technology

You might have heard about the SD-WAN technology. It stands for a Software Defined Wide Area Network. It’s an enterprise software solution in which networking hardware and its control mechanism are separated. This allows the administrators to manage the corporate WAN from the company’s headquarters. What’s so special about this technology?

  • It’s efficient. The entire network can be monitored via a single user interface. For example, an administrator or user at the headquarters can manage phones, points of sale and computers at other branches.
  • It’s cost-effective. There’s no need to hire an on-site technician for every branch that needs an installation or an upgrade. It can all be done remotely from the headquarters.
  • It’s scalable. A hardware-based solution can’t be scaled as quickly as a software-based solution. This is important for businesses that are expanding rapidly.

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All this makes SD-WAN technology especially useful to companies that have a number of branches across the country. The logistics are so much simpler when everything can be managed from the headquarters.

It’s clear that SD-WAN technology is the future of enterprise software. It’s safe to say that businesses that didn’t switch to it will soon be unable to compete with businesses who did. It simply gives you that edge that you need to get ahead.

This growing demand is reflected by the increasing number of SD-WAN vendors. Companies like Aequos can install it for you, monitor it 24/7, and maximize its uptime. You don’t have to worry about things like hiring technicians, dealing with outages, or losing money on hardware that quickly becomes obsolete. Everything is taken care of by professionals that are known for their reliability. Moreover, the solution is tailored to your requirements and is capable of accommodating future growth.

Would you rather be an early adopter of this revolutionary technology or a latecomer that tries to play catch up? Your competitors might already be moving to SD-WAN technology. So what are you waiting for? The future is already here. Don’t sleep through it.

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