Buy Cheap Windows VPS With Crypto

VPS services are getting popular because they are safer than dedicated and shared hosting services. You get your own private server with a multiple users option. You can allow people to get access to limited data, and you will be able to have a check on everyone’s activity. You can buy VPS services from any web hosting providing company, but have you ever heard about buying VPS crypto before? Well, now you can buy VPS with bitcoin from RouterHosting. Routerhosting is also a web hosting company that provides you with high-quality VPS services.

If you don’t want to make the payment through your bank account and you like to deal in crypto, then you can use cheap windows VPS through bitcoin.

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Who Is RouterHosting

Basically, RouterHosting got its start in 2008 from a very small setup when only close users got the VPS services from this company. With the passing time, the services got famous, and now this company offers their VPS services all over the world. Whether you are in the same city or in any other corner of the world, you can get windows 10 VPS services from them. You will get your private server for your website, and it will improve its working without anyone else having a check or access to your personal information.

They offer cheap windows VPS as compare to other companies and other web hosting services. Basically, VPS is a mixture of shared and dedicated web hosting. You get the perks of both, but you get more security in VPS hosting from the RouterHosting company.

Why Choose Us?

Every company has its own great features and facilities  so, here are all the right reasons that why do you need to get cheap windows VPS from us:

1. Services All Over The World

Our services have no boundaries. It doesn’t matter whether you live in the city we are settled in. This whole network works online so that you can get your VPS services from us. The distance is not going to affect the quality of services we are providing.

2. Reliability

Windows 10 VPS or any other windows version VPS services are more reliable. You get all the support you need in it, but you are going to be the boss of your private server. No one is going to look over your personal information or business records.

3. 12 Years Of Hosting Experience

If you select any random company for VPS services, then there are chances that you might not get your desired high-quality services. In this profession and industry, experience matters a lot. Only a professional will know how to deal with critical situations when even you won’t be able to deal with them.

We have experience of 12 years in this field. We have experts, professional people with enough experience to deal with your server problems, so it doesn’t affect your website working and rating.

4. Money Back Guarantee

There is no way that you don’t get the outcome you thought once you start using our VPS services, but still, if our services don’t satisfy you, then you can have the money you paid for it back within 7 days.

5. 24*7 Support

VPS services are all about having a private server for your website, and you are going to deal with every single detail of it. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t get any support from us. If the server is causing any problem or you haven’t been able to sort out any issue related to your website or the server, you get our full support.

We are available 24*7 and whenever you find it hard to deal with the scenario on your own, ping us.

6. Current Customers Reviews

We have current 12,569 customers, and they are quite satisfied with our service. All that matters when selecting a VPS-providing company is their current client list and their experience. We already have so much clientele, so you can also rely on us.

7. More Security

People choose VPS over shared and dedicated web hosting services because of security matters. We provide all the security that would be required for keeping your website safe from any unwanted access. There will be no malware problems you will ever face from our end.

8. We Accept Cryptocurrency

Yes, now you can buy VPS with bitcoin. Not only bitcoin, but we accept other cryptocurrencies as well. Have you ever heard any web hosting company provides web hosting services by getting paid in cryptocurrency before?

Well, we do now, and if you don’t like to transfer money from your account and want to do the trading in cryptocurrency, then we don’t mind at all.

Our Windows VPS Services Making Things Easy For You

If you are going to get windows VPS services, then you will get the following facilities in your package:

  1. High-speed CPU cores
  2. Memory for saving your important information
  3. NVME/SSD storage
  4. Bandwidth
  5. Connection speed

Well, all the details we have mentioned above depend on the package you are going to buy. We have four packages that provide all these services but with different feature details. If you are new to VPS, then you can start with the first package as it will cost you only $7.95 per month.

The most beneficial fact of getting VPS windows services that whether you have just started your online business and you might want to upgrade your business boundaries, then VPS will help you. You don’t have to discuss your plans with the company because you are not using dedicated web hosting services.

If you are willing to get our VPS window services, then you need to select your location on the globe, and you can start working on your virtual private server. The one proven fact about our services is that your server won’t get down for a second as we have powerful hardware to keep your system alive.

If you are interested in even more technology-related articles and information from us here at Bit Rebels, then we have a lot to choose from.

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