Smartphone Camera Remote Control Makes Taking Perfect Selfies Easier

I know a lot of people who have mastered the art of the selfie. Right off the top of my head, I can think of 3 or 4 people who post selfies almost daily on their social media sites. Being able to take a good quality selfie is almost a social media rite of passage, and even if you won’t admit it, you’ve probably practiced taking some (just please tell me you didn’t do the duck face). This camera remote can help you improve your selfies even more.

Regardless of what kind of smartphone you have, when you take a selfie, you are pretty much limited to the distance your arm can reach. Of course, this isn’t true if you use a ‘timed camera’ app. I’ve tried many of those timed apps with varying degrees of success, but for the most part, they’re crap (or at least all the ones I’ve tried).

What we need is a smartphone camera remote. That way, we can take selfies handsfree, and from a further distance away. This would open up all kinds of new photo options. You could let your imagination run wild with a little device like this. The device you see below is simply called the Smartphone Camera Remote, and it sells for $24. It comes with a little prop-up stand for your phone, and it lets you get up to 3 meters (11 feet) away from the camera.

The way it works is simple. You just download the free app, it will automatically sync to the remote, and then you are all set to go. You just press the button on the camera remote to snap the pic. The other camera remote options I’ve seen are much more complicated than this one. This one executes the idea brilliantly and simply. Just think of all the possibilities with your new and improved selfies!

Smartphone Camera Remote Control

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Via: [Incredible Things]