How Car Apps Revolutionize The Way We Drive

There’s no denying that tech sells, and even more so in cars. According to figures, 700,000 AliOS-powered SAIC vehicles have been sold since last August. This technology is a seamless integration of apps and operating systems and according to Alibaba, drivers will be able to order their supper from their car through an app pretty soon. Car apps are popping up everywhere to provide us with an unrivaled motoring experience, but there are a few that simply take it to the next level.

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Beat The Traffic

One of the biggest hassles for any commuter has to be traffic. Whether it’s roadworks or a traffic incident, long queues just to get from A to B isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. Apps such as Waze provide users with a free traffic update for their chosen route and is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. Users can also update traffic situations. MapQuest takes this info a little further and extends the service to those walking and using public transport too.

Bring On The Luxury

If you have the funds to afford luxury, then Acura is not only one of the world’s leading luxury car brands, it also happens to be packed with great features. While many in-car apps only provide us with infotainment options, Acura has a few other tricks up their sleeve. The AcuraLink Connect Package Subscription is worth the extra effort to visit your financier as it provides Acura drivers with access to a smorgasbord of options. Users can use the Acura app to lock and unlock their car, flash the lights, and even sound the horn. The app is available to the RLX, MDX, and TLX models.

Social Media On The Run

One of the best collaborations between apps has to be that of Android Auto and Facebook Messenger. Those who need to stay on top of their social media game and still need to be focused on the drive can listen to their messages thanks to Android Auto technology, as it reads the message out loud. While on a journey, drivers can select a very large and visible auto response that will tell the sender that the driver is driving. Those who rely on social media for their business will find this tech invaluable.

A lot of reliance is placed on apps to run our everyday lives, from social interactions to money management. It’s only natural that our daily commute won’t be left behind.

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