Car Tech And App-Driven Cars – This Is The Future Of The Car Industry

Controlling the in-car facilities and environment with digital apps has become a reality now. To your amazement, there are countless mobile and digital apps already out there that can really add value to the driving as well as car boarding experience. This kind of car tech is no longer just a dream that we are yet to see and experience in the future but it is already a here and ready to go. Truthfully speaking many of these apps can really make an old car a futuristic and modern one thanks to these digital apps. Do you want to know how these apps can add value to the driving and boarding experience? Well, we are going to introduce you to a few digital apps for cars that already exist.

GPS Navigation Apps

The most common type of mobile app that is increasingly becoming the friend and guide of car drivers are the GPS navigation apps. You can this kind of car tech in many of our modern cars, even a used Ford Focus. There are countless sophisticated GPS-enabled real-time navigation apps that can help the driver decide what path and would be the quickest possible for the driver to take. Most of these apps even offer real-time information about traffic conditions on the road.

Recording App

Many modern cars are equipped with highly sophisticated in-car recording systems and cameras. This kind of car tech come in handy when you are unfortunate enough to have yourself an accident. [pullquote]By providing detailed information and video of the incident it makes it easier for the police to know why and how the accident happened.[/pullquote] Moreover, such apps and features also allow for monitoring of the overall driving as well as in-car activities of, for example, your kids and yourself, the driver. With such features, you can continuously monitor activities that are happening within the car even though you’re behind the wheel itself. Is there a better way to prevent careless driving even though it’s you behind the wheel? Yes, such apps and car tech can really lower the chances of an accident and is being developed as I write this.

Car Collision Warning App

A head-on collision with another car are common and fatal incidents that frequently happen every year and it causes thousands of death. From careless driving to driving under the influence, all contribute to these horrific accidents. While cautious driving and following the road safety regulations are the most effective way to avoid these kinds of accidents there is car tech available to prevent them from ever happening in the first place. Car collision warning systems and apps can really play an important and effective role in warning the driver well in advance about an upcoming accident. With the help of mobile GPS and mobile device camera, these kinds of apps can easily detect the distance of an approaching car and will warn the driver well in advance of its sensing something isn’t right.

A Dedicated App For All In-Car Mobile Activities

How many accidents happen every year around the world just because the driver is talking on the phone or carelessly fiddling with a mobile device while driving? These activities causes millions of death every year around the globe. If you do not want to be the victim to this kind of accident it is wise to stay off your device while driving. Most people cannot stow away their phone because of the feeling of urgency or sheer habit of being connected. Or even just because of boredom while we are driving.

This should stop and people should instead use the available car tech that enables entertainment value through a smart app that can intelligently take care of our “musts” while we are driving. It’s very much like a hands-free app that still allows the driver to control the music, taking a call, read email, send a message and many more features.

Locking And Unlocking Your Car With Mobile App

Finally, you can always use a smartphone app to lock and unlock your car. This kind of car tech is already here, we all know that. Using a sophisticated digital key right on your mobile phone you can take complete control over your car whether you are behind the wheel or entering the garage to get inside the car. You can even use this kind of car tech in cars such as a Transit Van. With the ability to lock and unlock a car from your mobile device you can enjoy better security even though you are at home or out and about on the road.

Car Tech And The Future Of The Modern Car Industry

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