Clip-On USB Memory Stick – Perfect For Traveling Geeks!

I am sure that we all need one more USB stick to add to our already huge collection, right? I mean, for heavens sake, we get them for free at events, at our work… you name it. It’s like people are throwing them at us, as if they want to hit us with something. But then again, a little extra storage space for our ever growing collection of files is probably a good thing when I think about it.

No matter what, this one is truly great. It’s quite genuine and original also. Or, maybe not. It’s a clip-on USB stick that you can literally clip-on to anything your heart desires it to be attached to. All you have to do is… well, buy it of course. So what sets this one apart from all the other USB sticks that are available today?

Well, for starters the designer (René Woo-Ram Lee) gave it changeable shells, which makes it possible to always have something new to show your friends, and you can change it to match your clothes. It has a sliding feature that will always keep it safe from damage and dust. Furthermore, is of course the clip-on itself. It’s perfect for that extra storage space when you really need it. Clip it on your tie, and no one will ever know you’re carrying your entire document folder on you. When they ask you at that important meeting to pull out some files that they think you probably didn’t bring… well… kablam! Straight in their face!