Collection of Cool Themes For BlackBerry

For the Blackberry owners, cool themes can truly give your hand sets the personality that can give you the uniqueness that you crave for.  There are a lot of cool themes available through Themes4BB website and store.  Most of my friends carry a Blackberry and always looking for ways to make it uniquely theirs.  Here are some cool Themes you might want to check out.

Let’s start with the Blue Dock Berry Theme – This BlackBerry theme is centered around the wallpaper which is an xray of a laptop and the black and blue color scheme. It has 2 app slots in the banner for weather or meterberry or anything you’d like to always see. Large percentage battery meter and space bar launches quicklaunch. There are also 2 hideable docks the first of which has messaging apps along with calendar and contacts. The second dock is user defined. With this theme you can choose how you want it to look by hiding the docks, leaving both open, or exposing only 1 or the other. The messaging screens have a black backround that causes the blue look like it’s glowing. All in all, it’s a very fun theme! 8900, Tour and 9700.  You can get one HERE


For those who like the dramatic effect of smoke and give your phone that Techie feel.  Everyone please welcome a new theme to the list! “Smoke Screen” covers 8900, 9630, 9000, and 9700! “Smoke Screen” is a very light looking theme, with black icons and a light grey clearish background on the icons.

Highlighting the icons with a white selected brings out the oomph of the icons, making them stand out so you know exactly what you are selecting. As per norm, the theme as a weather slot in the right corner of the screen, along with a hidden today area for messages and calendar.

The banners is a white to transparent with black colors so you can clearly see date, time and all needed information about your device.

Check out the pictures for yourself and see “Smoke Screen” covers it all! Hope you like the new theme and you can grab it at the below links for $1.99! LINK


Another cool one is The Stars and Sparkles Theme.  The theme is for  83xx, 85xx, 89xx, 90xx, 95xx, 96xx and 97xx .  It has your basic sparkles and stars that can add glitter to your BlackBerry.  Most recommended for the ladies who want to add a bit of bling on their phones.

You can download it HERE.