A Comprehensive Guide To Different Types Of Testing Services

The time has come that your application is finally ready, and you are about to release it. You are so proud and prepared for success, yet, the app is actually not working.

It’s pretty common that applications fail for various reasons, that’s why it’s so important to test apps and software to detect possible critical errors and avoid additional costs and negative comments from the users. Read this comprehensive guide to different types of testing services.

 Comprehensive Guide Different Types Testing Services


Application Testing

As has already been mentioned, it’s not surprising that applications fail from time to time, due to various defects, connected with design, construction or specifications. In the worst case, the application not only fails but also doesn’t fulfil the role it has been created for.

As we may predict, the users of already released applications will be disappointed, waiting for the refund, and looking for an alternative.

An experienced and renowned testing centre, such as Qalified Testing service, can do a series of tests, using functional testing techniques and strategies to detect any possible critical errors, accompanied by suggestions for improvements to get rid of the errors. Thanks to that you will avoid significant costs, and ensure a longer system lifetime and increased productivity.

To conduct testing, a mixture of structured, planned and exploratory tests is required, depending on the deadline and documentation.

Security Testing

Due to a vast number of security issues, security testing of your application is one of the most important phases. The importance is connected to losing sensitive and confident information, which when breached may cause trouble.

Another thing is that the attacks occur every day, which means security testing can’t happen once only.

Security Testing is looking for points which may be potentially vulnerable to attacks. Using penetration tests, it’s easy to look at security from a perspective of an attacker, to identify the person.

It’s not the end of the security tests, as then it’s necessary to analyze the source code and integrate verification and validation activities.

Performance Testing

It’s the most important thing to release applications and software that is efficient, fast, and trustworthy, working without interruptions.

Yet, the workload that you have to be prepared for may cause different side effects, one of them being a loss of profits due to transaction failure, or your reputation damage.

Performance testing is a simulation of the predicted activity to see the reaction of the system, which should be efficient and present a quick response.

Usability Testing

Your application should definitely be user-friendly, which means people with even minor technical skills should be able to use it. A successful app can be described in three words – adoption, retention and satisfaction. Heuristic analysis and real user testing are the best tools to assess the a

Test Automation

Any application needs updates, which may cause some failures. Manually testing the app after an update means high costs, which leads to the conclusion that test automation is the best solution.

Automated tests speed up the execution and regression testing, allowing you to frequently release applications, without the damage to the quality. Faster adoption of test automation by specialists with knowledge in the field will give you efficiency and the highest quality and low risks.

Accessibility Testing

Creating an app, you have to be aware of the fact that almost 15% of the world’s population suffers from disabilities, which may stop or limit them from using your app.

Design your app to be suitable for anyone to use, and you will surely gain an advantage over your competitors. It’s enough to give these people the right tools to use to support them and let them use other skills or abilities.

The integral approach used to test accessibility requires the simulation of the user’s interaction, taking into consideration different types of disabilities.

 Comprehensive Guide Different Types Testing Services


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