How To Create Your Own Lifelog & Augment Your Memories

About a month ago, Richard wrote about an app that would allow you to record one second of each day of your life and then put it all together into a short video so you could basically view a whole year of memories in about six minutes. When I read about that, I remember thinking it was one of the most innovative apps I’d seen in a while. I knew it would become popular because it incorporated photography and lifelogging, which are both trendy right now. Today I can across a video created by someone who actually put this concept to the test, and I am blown away by it. If you are considering a lifelog, you’ll appreciate this.

A lifelog is compilation of video or pictures taken by lifeloggers or lifebloggers which basically captures a large portion of someone’s life. Since being an effective lifelogger means you have to basically take photos or video every single day, lifeloggers make this convenient by attaching a tiny camera to their bodies or by using an app that allows them to record a snipit of life everyday without it interrupting their schedule.

We’ve featured lifeloggers before on Bit Rebels. One of them was a guy who started a lifelog long before it was ever popular and had a name. He has taken a picture every day for the past 13 years, and he’s still going strong. You can read about that at The 1 Year Photography Project That’s Still Going After 13 years. Most lifeloggers take a more “relaxed” approach and prefer more random shots rather than making them as “perfect looking” as those; however, it’s all up to you to choose your lifelogging style.

There are some practical uses for lifelogging aside from just the fun of capturing your life on film or in pictures. According to Techonomy, “It turns out that lifelogging can be a powerful tool for memory augmentation, including for those suffering from Alzheimer’s.”

The video below was taken by Jonathan Britnell. He recorded one second of his life everyday in 2012. You can view his entire lifelog in one second chunks in this six minute video. There are too many reasons to list for why this is awesomeness defined. If you want to check out some tools to start your own lifelog, I’ll direct you to a camera and a video app so you can choose whether you want to do it in pictures or film. Both of these apps started out on Kickstarter, and both have gone on to be huge successes. The camera tool is Memoto and the video tool is the 1 Second Everyday App. Have fun creating your own lifelog!

An Example Of A 12-Month Lifelog Made Up Of One Second Clips


Image Credits: [Youth Voices] [Quotes Tree]