What Is CRM And Why You Should Be Using It?

For an organization, it is difficult to manage thousands of business contacts and their details. Spreadsheets are not a solution to manage your contacts because if you are a big organization, then using spreadsheets might result in loss of data. This is where Customer Relationship Management software helps.  It’s a powerhouse tool that can help you manage your day to day sales and business solutions.

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Advantages Of CRM

Increased Sales Efficiency

The CRM software will streamline your entire sales process and makes it easier for your sales team to manage clients.CRM will give you the advantage of managing your existing customers as well as developing good relationships with potential clients. When you are generating leads daily, everyone using the CRM must have access to the day to day progress made.

The task of updating the CRM daily can give you insights as to what stage a particular contact is. It makes it easier for everyone involved in the sales team to look at the new contacts as well as the old contacts; the latter could be followed up.

All Information In One Place

CRM tools will let you add a new contact to the list, set customer goals, manage project milestones, and will also help running marketing campaigns from one place. So, instead of managing a lot of data in different spreadsheets that can get easily mislabeled or lost, you can put all that data in CRM.

This way, all the information about your clients remains organized as per category and in one place. CRM cloud storage makes it easier for you and your team to access data from anywhere in the world.

Also, you don’t have to worry about taking backup as most SaaS-based CRMs out there offer automatic backup functionality. This way, there is a slim possibility of misplacing your documents or accidentally deleting them. CRM lets you manage your team’s schedule and information about the customer from a single interface, which makes it easier to refer when needed.

Opens Doors For New Opportunities

In big organizations, sometimes, when you are pursuing a client for closing or have a complex follow-up cycle in your pipeline, keeping track of every small thing is difficult. Due to this, there is an outstanding possibility that some golden opportunities to gain a new client can fall through the cracks.

This is where CRM rescues you with it’s ready to take action tools. Everything is in one place here, so you can get an idea of precisely at what stage things are currently and, more importantly, provide you with the transparency you need.

Save Time And Increases Productivity

Information is key to everything, and when it comes to business, you need every key document in their place. CRM provides you with the system to keep everything in order. When you have discussed some critical project details with your client, you want it to be logged. The client may not like it when you ask the same questions which they have already answered before.

Moreover, when you are taking a follow-up call with a client, the details from their previous discussions are vital. Going on a call without having any prior information on the background of who the lead is and why they are essential in your product can damage your company. So having all data in CRM can come in handy.

Characteristics Of A Great CRM

Ease Of Use

The CRM system can be learned quickly, and more importantly, you can easily fetch the required information when needed.


CRM facilitates list segmentation, streamlines the sales process, tracks customer behavior, prioritize tasks, etc. The CRM should be compatible with other tools like accounting, customer support, and marketing. One of the examples of such a compatible CRM system is Intellistant CRM.


Nowadays, no one wants to carry a hefty system with them on their business trips or at the company’s new product, unveiling. So it becomes essential that the CRM data should be easily accessible anywhere via any platform available at that time.

Contact Management

Knowing every detail, even the most little ones about your contact is vital in sales. CRM system can keep track of your emails, tasks, vendors, client addresses, contact numbers, etc.


The process of update and backup is an essential feature of any CRM software. This feature reduces your team’s workload, and they don’t have to have a backup plan as well or be concerned about updations as CRM does this automatically.

Types Of CRM


If you want to save time and manage sales, marketing, and service processes, all from one place, then operational CRM is the best way to go. Operational CRM streamlines everything and generates more leads to improve the sales of a product or service.


The primary function of an Analytical CRM is to collect data like customer reviews, most visited stores by the customer, insights of a product, etc. All these data are then processed in CRM to get results. A company can then make changes from the data received to improve their reach.


Collaborative CRM brings all different groups in one unit from which the groups can share information with each other easily. The data from groups like the business team, sales team support team, and the technical team is gathered and then analyzed to improve the quality of customer service and earn their loyalty.

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