Digital Intuition @ The Tip of Your Fingers

Here is a mobile application that knows you and brings the stuff you want.   my6sense‘s super duper AI (artificial intelligence) technology learns what is most important to you based on your consumption habits, serving you as a digital sense, or as we call it ‘Digital Intuition’.

There is nothing you need to do other than simply use the service like you would any other reader/aggregator. No preferences need to be set. No surveys to fill out. No blood samples needed. The m6s service ‘senses’ your interactions with every message; whether you click on it, ignore it or share it. Just use the service naturally, and the Digital Intuition magic will come your way – connecting you with your most important content on your iPhone and desktop.

Plus did you know you could share your most relevant content on Social Networks? When you go into a message, click on the ‘Share’ icon and select the Social Network you’d like to share that item on. Now all of your friends on Facebook, FriendFeed and Twitter can easily view the things you’re most interested in.  Download here Now.