Digitalization – The Midpoint Between Digitization And Digital Transformation

Technology, with its most innovative trends, is a fundamental part of our lives. And, automatically, we exist in the material world and the electronic system. All our activities and interactions tangle with the electronic system at every step.

Whether we think about our homes, where we use smart devices, or the workplace with enterprise software, we’re in the center of an invisible stream of information, dispersing around us wirelessly, at an unimaginable speed.

Software development businesses, especially IT outsourcing ones, invest huge quantities of resources for carrying society to another level. And how do they use digitalization to make the changes?

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What’s Digitalization?

The meaning of digitalization is too wide to compress in only one sentence. But we could assign to it, for sure, the quality of creating an easier work environment. Basically, digitalization is the procedure of creating software that simplifies specific actions.

Digitalization can be broadly adopted, on many business branches, from the elementary to the most complicated processes. However, before digitalization, we must take the first step – digitization. So, how digitalization differs from digitization and digital transformation?

Digitalization – The Second Step Towards Digital Transformation

As we mentioned earlier, digitization is the introductory operation towards a digital business. This concept signifies the conversion of information from an analog format to a digital format. By way of instance, scanning images or documents and converting them to electronic format.

Once the information is accessible in an electronic form, it’s not hard to digitalize company operations. This procedure involves more technical equipment, as it uses advanced computers and software systems. After converting the data, digitalization is responsible for data processing. So, we can create a fully digital business world.

Step by step, we can get to the digital transformation. This innovation changes everything, from actions and jobs to the culture and thinking. Reaching that goal means moving everything to the digital world.

The Digital Business

We must realize that market requirements are continuously evolving, and people’s potential is insufficient. However, the performance of the technology remains undetermined. People, by their power, give power to technology.

Digitalization is a vital process in business development. But only if we take all the steps along the way we can benefit from the full capacity of a digital system. Therefore, beyond conversion and automation, businesses need a digital procedure and mindset.

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