Disadvantages And Dangers Of Free VPNs

Free VPNs are one of the most attractive things for the current generation. The biggest reason for their popularity is that they allow users to stream content from any corner of the world without spending on subscriptions. The market is loaded with 1000s of VPNs that are available for free.

They may promise you complete safety and security, but not all of them are equally reliable. Actually, many of them are dangerous to use and come with several serious disadvantages. Below we have highlighted the dangers and disadvantages of free VPNs that every user needs to go through before switching to any random free VPN.

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1. The Lower Level Of Security

Stats reveal that free VPNs are designed with less secure protocols. They lack desired resources that can otherwise secure their infrastructure. Note that, when your connection is insecure, your online activities can be easily targeted by hackers.

In a study carried out by CSRIO, researchers made analysis on 283 Android VPNs, out of which 38% were observed to contain potential malware. And the important thing to know is that the majority of them were free VPNs. That is why your online activity is more likely to be compromised with free VPNs as compared to the premium ones.

2. Lesser Number Of Features

While using free VPNs, you may get restricted to a few basic features only. They lack the advanced ones such as DNS leak protection and Kill Switch, hence, there are more risks to your security. At the same time, the free VPN infrastructure is limited to fewer servers that are not enough to cater to the huge traffic online. If you are not ready to compromise for the range of features, it is better to look for premium VPN connections.

3. They Do Not Support Unblocking Netflix And Other Services

The most important purpose of using VPN is to unblock certain geo-restricted services that are otherwise available to users in selected countries. The best examples of such platforms are BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hulu, etc.

They are blocked in some parts of the world. Due to the limited infrastructure of free VPNs, they cannot help you to stream content from such geo-restricted platforms. Even if you succeed to unblock any service, the chances are that this server will be soon banned.

4. Connection Speed Issues

It is already discussed that free VPNs do not have quality infrastructure. Many users complain about their poor connection speed. They may decay your uploading and downloading speed. In many cases, free VPNs may even cause trouble during regular browsing. It happens due to the limited bandwidth availability of VPNs. Such issues can be prevented when you have premium VPN because they have quality infrastructure and enough resources.

5. Risks To Your Privacy

Having a free VPN may appear really amazing but have you ever thought how these service providers earn without charging you money for their services. After all, everyone over there is to make some money, and the statement is true for VPN service providers as well. The most common trick that free VPN service providers use to make money is by selling user data to third parties.

The free VPNs keep on tracking user activities and prepare a database about their buying behaviors, likes, and dislikes, websites they visit, etc. This information is further sold to interested parties, and they use it for marketing and promotional needs.

In this way, big brands keep on targeting you with the latest product and service additions. As per a study carried in the year 2015, Hola, free VPN service was suspected of selling user data. Experts advise reading the privacy policy of the service providers in advance.

6. More Promotional Content And Ads

Another common trouble with most free VPN service providers is that they keep on promoting their partner’s websites and products online. They keep on annoying users with loads of ads while surfing the internet. This activity may be tolerable with few free VPNs but in most cases, it gets out of the limit.

Some experts also report that free VPNs have the ability to hijack browsers on the system and install adware. With this, your search results are highly affected by unwanted ads and promotional content.

Instead of showing you organic results, they keep on directing the entire traffic to their partner’s website. Instead of wasting loads of your time surfing unwanted platforms, it is better to look for paid VPN service online.

7. Free VPNs Limit Data Usage

Many users report that free VPNs limit the actual amount of data for online activities. They keep on asking users to upgrade to a higher data plan by making an additional investment. Moreover, they state they can protect only one device at a time, whereas the premium versions work on multiple gadgets to ensure complete protection.

8. Lack Of Regulations

In many countries such as Europe and America, the ISPs are strictly regulated. They are allowed to sell user data but only when they follow strict rules. Moreover, everything is made accessible and transparent to the users.

Sadly, VPNs do not follow the same set of rules. Many of them are not governed by any jurisdictions; hence, you cannot rely on them. Free VPNs are much more insecure to use for regular internet activities. They can leak your IP addresses and make you more susceptible to hacker attacks.

After knowing all these facts and details; it is clear that free VPNs do not allow safe browsing and streaming experience. In order to explore the world without any risk, it is better to spend a few dollars every month and get a premium VPN connection. One can also avail reliable VPN services at higher discounts. It is better to compare offers from different service providers to start with the best one.

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