Do You Need Help Remembering Stuff?

Have you seen the movie, Finding Nemo? If you have seen it, then you will probably agree with me that the most memorable character there is Dory, the fish that had trouble remembering things. She used various techniques to allow her to remember and to be able to help her friend, Nemo. It is truly frustrating when we forget.  There are so many things we need to remember, it can be related to work, what we have studied, or even everyday things like names. We tend to forget especially when we do not really use what we have learned.

I found a site that might be able to help you remember things you need to remember! Headmagnet creates a model of what’s going on in your head. It predicts what memories have faded away, and what memories are still inside, allowing you to quickly get things in your head and keep them there. The more you use headmagnet, the better it gets at modeling what goes on in your head. Signing up is FREE! The site also easily creates study lists, allowing you to rapidly memorize new material, and automatically track what you have learned.

I included the video tour of Headmagnet for your reference.

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    Chief Joggler 9 years

    Thanks for the article.
    One of the challenges I observed was that lot of things I need to get done tend to be buried in my emails or pop in my head at random points but transferring them from email or my head into a calendar task or to-do-list is just too tedious today.
    It occurred to me that is why busy (and rich) people hire personal assistants that they can just “tell” what they need to get done.
    That led me to ask the question – why can’t everyone get a free personal assistant that they can email or text to?
    As a result, we have created a service: to do exactly that. It gives you a free personal assistant that you can send or forward emails, include on emails, send text messages and it manages your life for you.
    Please check it out and give us feedback.