Drones, Software, And Measuring Apps – A Look Into The New Roofing Industry

Commercial real estate is changing thanks to new technologies and systems being implemented in the field. Out of all aspects of real-estate, the roofing business is making leaps and bounds from new lead-generating technology and the use of drones.

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The Power To Generate Strong Leads

Roofing technology is using most of its new server and viewing capabilities to find more solid leads. Business is business, so wherever there are viable leads, there is work to be done. Finding these leads regularly can pose a problem, even with the roofing industry covering repairs, renovations, storm devastation, etc.

It is common practice to pour money into marketing, online and offline, but now there are several lead generation software services to rely on. Properties can be found by searching for characteristics within building ages and owner qualities.

Multi-family homes can be found easily within a certain age-range, or even size if you run a large commercial business. Contractors searching for leads will be able to narrow searches to older buildings, on or recently off the market, which have not had recent renovations. These types of buildings are the most likely to need or want work done.

Wait, There’s An App For That

Paperwork is still important to the roofing industry. Many measurements and roof evaluations are still done through filling out a sheet, then moving to the actual logistics of repair. There’s a lot to keep track of, and plenty of math to be done determining the amount of space and required materials which are used to calculate estimates. All of which often needs to be done on site.

Roofing Service Platforms are available in App Forms, for real-time measurements and submitter of information. This is an all-encompassing new aspect changing the roofing world. All information is logged, that info can then easily be turned into order invoices, and even be sent to the customers to keep them updated throughout the process.

Images can be taken which provide accurate measurements and a clear view of the full project online. The ability to visit the property remotely can save a contractor hours driving out to the site just to make estimates manually. These images can also be used to easily communicate upcoming work across the company and create a depiction of exact needs for the consumer.

All-Encompassing Software

Roofing is becoming streamlined, with every aspect from measurements to payroll and billing to customer leads. This can all be combined into a single software which saves the roofing company money. The less software you are running, the fewer repairs and tech tweaks it will need.

Having everything in one place also makes it easier for employees to get accustomed to working with it. Even if something is not available many of these services have the ability to connect with your current software to easily import and share past information.

The Help Of Drones

Drones are being used in more and more industries, and there is no combating the edge they can give a company that is all about a bird’s-eye-view. With a drone you can get a full view building’s roof without actually traveling in a plane, or helicopter, which is not an option for most roofing services. Drones can take high-quality images that can actually produce valuable information for roofing companies.

These drones create new leads without invading the privacy of those in the building. For instance, after a large storm and once permission is granted for you to fly your drone over a specific space, you can see which areas suffered from the most severe damages. Therefore, allowing you to gauge where work is most needed and most valuable.

After a roof is restored, or completely rebuilt, the company can use drone-generated images of the project to give videos or stagnant pictures of their work. A Before and After section of a roofing website can be the most enticing to potential customers.

Technology Creates Better Roofs

Roofing technology is not only about finding business leads, it is about improving roofing options, and even creating new, inspiring concepts from it. Traditional roofing is still done across the world, but there are new, contemporary takes that rely on this influx of technological resources.

Stronger Commercial Roofs

Many roofs are now lined with natural energy influencers, like Solar Panels. The amounts of commercial solar paneling use has more-than-doubled within the course of the last 5 years. Roofs that needs this paneling need to be sturdy, and substantially stronger than past roofs to protect the fragile technological components.

In this case, the actual quality of the roof had to be reformatted to allow for the extra weight, wiring, and other equipment needs. While this saves the consumer money in the long run, it also increases the initial cost and work to be done.

Energy-Saving Cooling Roofs

The color of a roof matters. While asphalt roofs are traditionally black, this does absorb heat and cause the building to keep a higher temperature inside as a result. Innovative, energy-saving ‘cool roofs’ are emerging. These are made of materials and colors that reflect harsh wavelengths from the sun. This way, the ultraviolet and infrared light is not absorbed into the building.

Environmentally-Friendly Green Roofs

Green roofs are not only a beautiful sight, but they also serve real purposes. For a roof to sustain plant life, location and climate are vital factors. Then, there is the overall care of the roof that scares away commercial partners; no company wants a ‘roof leak repair- mississauga’ alert every month. The basic roof underneath a green area needs to be completely sealed and waterproofed so catastrophic water-damage problems do not occur.

Big Changes Are Ahead For The Roofing Industry

Roofing is making use of the new software, cloud capabilities, and drones to make leads clearer, and roofs more sustainable. Technology is driving operations into a streamlined experience within the field, and has more time to focus on generating roofing solutions.

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