Earplugs by Florafauna | Design

Earplugs, not just for industrial workers, soldiers on the front line or for muting the sound of your neighbors doing the ole in ~ out, in ~ out while you’re trying to sleep. If you attend as many live music shows as we do, you’ll want to pack your ears with a pair of these reusable earplugs. The package is designed to store and keep your earplugs clean and safe so you can carry them in your purse or back pocket or, wherever before and after the show.

Plus, they’re letterpress printed for your pleasure! Stick these in your ear holes at concerts you’ll thank yourself later in life. The thing that really captured my attention is the product’s packaging.  The vibrant color and the funky design is very appealing.  Imagine because of the elements of design, a plain dull earplug comes alive.Available for purchase in the Florafauna shop.