Eco-Friendly Technology: A Disposable Cardboard Flash Drive

I admit, I have way too many flash drives around my house. I’m a shoe fanatic, and just to put it in perspective, I probably have a flash drive to match every pair of shoes I own. I find those little drives all over the place, and of course, I can’t ever remember what’s stored on them.

When I first saw this design, I thought, “I know I have a lot of those drives, but I couldn’t imagine getting rid of them all.” Then I realized the purpose of these is not to actually recycle them (unless you just want to), but the purpose is to be more kind to the environment in the first place. Most flash drives are encased in plastic. Imagine how much better on the environment it would be to create them from cardboard instead.

Another advantage of this design is that we could write what we have stored on them with a pen or marker. Duh… why didn’t I think of that? These are designed by Art Lebdev Designs, a Russian design studio. They come in a four-pack, perforated, and ready to use in 4GB, 8GB or 16GB storage capacity. Their official name is Flashkus, and I can’t wait to try them out. As a geek, there is always more and more info to save on a flash drive. Unfortunately, these aren’t for sale quite yet, but stay tuned…

Flashkus Environment Friendly Technology

Flashkus Environmentally Friendly Design

Flashkus Environmentally Friendly Technology

Flashkus Environmentally Friendly Technology

Via: [Design Boom]