Email Tracking For ServiceNow – Make A Customer Support Anticipating

Have you ever asked yourself whether contacts got your emails? And really, different types of businesses are curious about user engagement when notifying them, for example, with updates or upcoming events. However, there is a way to get rid of making traditional assumptions with the help of Email Tracking for ServiceNow.

If you are a ServiceNow user searching for competitive email tracking software to make customer support work more efficient, then you are on the right way. Usually, email tracking systems are beneficial for different sizes of companies, as they allow observing users’ interaction with emails via sending the read receipts. Based on this, businesses validate their assumption with data while planning email campaigns and promotions or conducting sales. And the opportunities are not limited if we know when emails we send got read.

So, let’s get along deeper with the Email Tracking for ServiceNow.

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What Is Email Tracking For ServiceNow?

So what is Email Tracking? It’s an application that integrates with ServiceNow to track emails and make suggestions based on analytics for an email’s best time to send. The working principle is as simple as possible.

For example, imagine you need to create a new incident on your ServiceNow workspace to inform a regular customer about a new feature or server outage. You must also know whether a receiver is interested in it or not and when they usually open emails. Therefore, you create and send an email to a user, and Email tracking starts its work. After an email is get opened by a person, you will receive an internal note in the Compose column on the Incident page.

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Using this information, plan emails to send off and identify engaged contacts so that you can focus your energy on the target audience. Besides, it is also helpful when you need to lure customers’ attention as you can analyze the average time of opening emails according to the time zone customers live.

How Does It Optimize Customer Support Activity?

When looking for a better solution for tools, we expect that the productivity of customer support representatives is also getting higher. That is why the Email Tracking app for ServiceNow will improve your customer support team. And there are a few ways to use this.

The point is that Email Tracking is enabled not only for tracking customer interaction but also for agents within the ServiceNow platform. So, on the one hand, they concentrate attention on the active part of customers, know when they need to plan and send follow-ups to passive users, and distribute time evenly to answer customers.

But on the other hand, Email Tracking is a double edge sword, and agents’ managers, administrators, or other customer support representatives can track whether they read emails. Therefore, be always aware if your co-workers are interested in upcoming events, webinars, policy updates, technical instructions, and many more. This also plays the so-called role of a trigger that induces agents to be attentive to the organizational side of their work.

All You Need To Know About The Read Receipts

The right email tracking software keeps the complementary principle. Considering it, when you use a regular platform to process incidents, Email Tracking naturally integrates with them, giving you more space to work. So, the mechanism of getting aware of email opens is the next.

The agent sends an email from ServiceNow to a user. Then, when the receiver reads this email, Email Tracking informs you with a Work note. It appears on the Compose column inside the incident you are working with. So, if you look at that internal notification, you will see when an email was sent by an agent and viewed by a receiver. Besides, the internal note indicates the time taken from sending to opening the email.

What’s more, you can see the email body and read a short description you sent out to a user. It is useful when you work with many incidents simultaneously, so you need to refresh the email content quickly.

Email Tracking Statistics

Well, we hope you have a complete image of what Email Tracking for ServiceNow is and how the notification system works. Next, we’d better figure out the Email Tracking statistic indicators. There are three of them available on the Home page: Total Emails Tracked, Total Email Read, and Average Read Time.

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So, what do each of them mean?

  1. The Total Emails Tracked – shows the amount of all sent emails that were tracked. To be more precise, it counts and displays all sent emails in the statistics if the app is active.
  2. The Total Emails Read – demonstrates all emails that users opened. If a receiver didn’t read a tracked email, then it is not counted in this indicator.
  3. The Average Read Time – calculates and depicts the middle time point of all read emails from their sending to reading.

Benefits Of Email Tracking For ServiceNow

So, we described the main points you should know about Email Tracking for ServiceNow. Don’t you mind composing them into some theses now? Surely, it’s a rhetorical question, but you might be curious about what main advantages the app can give you.

So, Email Tracking will help you:

  • Save time. Stop sending useless follow-ups if previous messages weren’t even opened.
  • Boost up customer outreach. If you consider the context of why receivers viewed your emails, then you can know when to remind them about you. Include attachments and links just to the right users and at the right time, and send follow-up emails.
  • Get information about user engagement. For example, discover what emails attract them to open and, based on this, apply a personalized approach while customers interaction.
  • Level up agents’ organization. Encourage your co-workers to review all emails regularly and stay comprehended with company life.

Sum Up

More and more companies are striving for the best customer support service they can provide customers. And Email Tracking is a kind of assistant that wants to help you make your work easier, engaging, and, at the same time, more productive. If you have any doubts, then try the app with a trial period and make sure it’s worth it.

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