Emerging Technologies To Increase Sales Conversions

Sales are the lifeblood of business, but with more customers shopping and engaging with brands online, it’s becoming harder for salespeople to make those all-important connections. With face-to-face contact reduced, companies are having to turn to technology to help them reach, and keep, potential clients.

But not all tech is as helpful as it initially seems, and there’s so much out there that promises to increase your sales, it can be confusing working out where to begin. A low-cost place to start is by fully engaging with social media.

Everyone is online nowadays, and social media gives companies the tools to interact with potential customers through direct messages, posting competitions, and sharing information. Not only that, but social media is also a great way to raise brand awareness, allowing you to reach out to people who otherwise might not have noticed you.

With so much business being done through websites nowadays, there are a few simple tools you can add to help increase your sales conversions. Firstly, make use of new AI technologies like chatbots.

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These virtual helpers can answer common questions, direct people towards specific areas of the website, and collect their information so that someone on the sales team can call them back. Consumers are often happier to engage in a dynamic chat rather than fill out a static form. However, contact forms are still a useful web tool, if you choose the right one.

Lusha’s lead generation form keeps it short and sweet and can increase your conversion rate by 50%. Their AI autofill’s the contact’s data from just their email address, meaning they aren’t put off by entering all their information on yet another form. The data-enriched forms do all the work for you, so the leads arrive highly qualified and you have everything you need to work on your sales strategy.

Shorter Contact Forms Are More Enticing To A Potential Customer As They Are Likely To Fill In Forms That Require Little Details

There are wholesale CRM systems that you can invest in, which will help you to manage your customer relationships. If you use one efficiently, it can track and organise your leads for you, sorting them by potential so that you know which to engage with first.

You can also create templates for automatic email generation and the system will send the correct one back out. Tailored automation is the key to handling a large volume of sales leads and making sure you don’t miss out on key conversions.

All this is only just the beginning. Technology is constantly developing and evolving, and businesses need to keep up, or else risk getting left behind. Part of that involves looking to the future and predicting what changes will affect the market. One of the biggest technological developments that is beginning to filter through is the arrival of 5G mobile data networks.

The majority of browsing nowadays is done on mobile devices – smartphones, tablets and laptops – to keep people in touch while on the move. With 5G, this is going to increase, so websites need to be mobile compatible, including all forms, bots and other contact areas.

Another side effect of the switch to mobile browsing is the reliance on voice operations. Rather than typing queries into a search bar, modern devices are now voice-search enabled, which means the traditional SEO model needs to change too.

Rather than presenting users with a ranked list of available sites, voice-search takes them directly to the top result. So gone are the days of tagging as many keywords as possible; now the best SEO will address specific queries asked by users so that the voice search app links directly to your site.

Voice-Enabled Search Is Changing The Way Consumers Search For Products And/Or Services

The world of sales, whether that’s B2B or B2C, is having to evolve to keep up with the way that modern users engage with technology. By being savvy and investing in the right tools and training, new technologies can take a lot of the stresses out of chasing leads and help you boost those all-important conversion rates. Gone are the days of having to chase everything manually, with sophisticated CRMs managing the load for you, and smart forms gathering and sorting your leads efficiently and effectively.

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