Tech Used To Create Sweat-Resistant Fabric Eliminates Sweat On Clothes

Unless we’re at the gym working out, sweat on clothes is just plain gross. There is nothing sexy about sweaty armpits that are leaking through on a shirt. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a fabric that would eliminate sweat on clothes for good? Now there is. It’s a tech fabric that behaves much like human skin. It isolates the sweat into droplets and then eliminates it inside the fabric itself. In other words, it gets rid of the sweat automatically without leaving any ugly sweat stains.

By removing the sweat this way, the fabric continues to breathe and feel fresh. This ‘waterproof fabric’ or ‘sweatproof fabric’ was recently developed by Tingrui Pan, a professor of biomedical engineering, along with two graduate students at the University of California.

According to the University’s website, “Graduate students Siyuan Xing and Jia Jiang developed a new textile microfluidic platform using hydrophilic (water-attracting) threads stitched into a highly water-repellent fabric. They were able to create patterns of threads that suck droplets of water from one side of the fabric, propel them along the threads and expel them from the other side.”

They purposely didn’t use any elaborate microfabrication techniques. That way, their fabric could be easily integrated into an existing manufacturing process without any additional modifications to accommodate it. The fabric is able to eliminate sweat on clothes by directing it and draining it in a very straightforward way.

I’m sure this type of fabric will be appealing to anyone who sweats a lot. Not only will it take care of the sweat, but I bet it would be a lot more comfortable and cool than ordinary fabric also. I wonder how this will affect the cost of clothing. Hopefully manufacturers will begin using this fabric sooner rather than later.

Non-Wetting Fabric Eliminates Sweat On Clothes


Via: [ecouterre] [Science Daily] Header Image Credit: [Sweat Free]