Facebook, Twitter, Xbox 360, Wii and Sony Evolve

This year at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in June, they announced that Facebook and Twitter apps would be coming to Xbox 360. Since then, James Halton from Microsoft elaborated by saying that these two applications would be standalone downloads (not part of the upcoming dashboard update this month). This partnership between the two most popular social networking sites and the largest gaming network is sure to be huge.

One feature about the Facebook app that seems really cool is that you’ll be able to post screenshots of your games to your profile in real time. According to Xbox.com, “One of the first games to allow this will be a future version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour.” Facebook is also coming to Nintendo DSI.

Interestingly, they did not go into much detail about the Twitter app, although they did say that tweeps would be able to view and post tweets directly from their Xbox. And, according to the August issue of PC World, this Twitter app will also have a “glorified mood meter… on your marks, get set, annoy!”

In addition to these developments with Facebook and Twitter, Wii is also adding a Vitality Sensor which is a device that measures your pulse through your finger. My treadmill has this exact same device to measure my pulse while running. People seem to be a bit confused about what the exact purpose of this is on the Wii.

Sony also made some introductions of its own including the PSP Go which is an expensive, small, portable PlayStation.

And, of course, another big development in the gaming industry that we’ve all heard about is Microsoft’s Project Natal. This is a controller-less motion tracking system where your body is the controller. Their advertising reads: The only experience needed is life experience. Sony is also working on their own motion controlled system which isn’t due to be released until next summer.

I’m excited about these developments. Santa Claus, I would like to request one of each please!