Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right Seedbox Provider

You’ve started torrenting and even managed to get yourself into a private torrenting site, but there’s still one problem. You can’t upload. Why? You don’t own a seedbox. Unfortunately, your days on that private torrenting site are numbered if you don’t maintain a good ratio. A seedbox is the best solution to solve all these problems.

What’s a seedbox? A seedbox is a dedicated high-speed server used for torrenting. With a seedbox, you can seed (upload) torrents at high speeds, safely and securely. Using a seedbox will enable you to manage your torrents from any device anywhere and anytime.

What factors do you consider before choosing your seedbox provider?

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One advantage of using a seedbox is the high speeds that it provides when downloading and uploading files. This should be a determining factor when choosing the provider you need to get your seedbox. The type of speed also depends on the files you’re downloading or uploading, but most seedbox companies offer a bandwidth of up to 1 GB per second, which is an added advantage.

If you need to download TV shows or movies with high quality, then the extra bandwidth will be useful because it will enable you to download high-quality files and at maximized speeds.

A seedbox should also help you manage your ISP, especially if you have limits set by your Internet service provider. This enables you to download large files without any problems.


How much space you need should be among the questions to ask yourself before choosing a seedbox provider. Most providers offer plans with unlimited downloads. The amount of data you can upload will vary on the payment plan you choose. If you’re willing to spend a little bit more, you can choose plans with unlimited data where you won’t have problems uploading or downloading. This also eventually helps maintain your ratio on the private torrenting sites.

Some seedboxes have enough space to enable you to download all your files and store them on the provider’s servers, and then you can download them later to your PC when you need them.


When torrenting, the first thing you should be concerned about is your privacy online. Check if the seedbox providers will also provide a VPN to hide your IP address because you’ll be dealing with copyrighted materials, and we wouldn’t want you to end up with legal issues.

Also, the type of seedbox you use should protect you from any data breaches or hacking, and be able to mask your geographical position. Additionally, a good seedbox should enable you to access websites that may be blocked in your country or by your Internet provider.

A seedbox is an excellent asset if you’re torrenting. Gone are the days when you’d wait hours to download a single movie. With a seedbox, you can download high-quality movies, safer and faster. Once you get your seedbox, it will be instantly activated, but if you’re having problems setting it up, you can contact customer support or read more about setting up a seedbox.

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