Feel a Kiss and Touch Someone Through Your Phone

Have you ever been in a close relationship with someone online? Has someone special to you ever been out of town for a while and all you had was the phone or the smileys in your emails to keep in touch? These days, most of us have probably been in one of these situations at some point.

What’s the hardest part of that? To me, it’s the lack of touch, whether it’s the kisses, the feeling close or even just a touch on the back of the hand. As human beings, I think we all have an emotional need, to some extent, to be close to others.

Well, the technology to make that closeness happen through the phone is here. However, when I learned of the specifics, it seems a little creepy because it’s not real. Or, as technology advances and as a result, the way we communicate with each other evolves, perhaps this is real. Maybe I’m the one that needs to change my own definition of what is real and what isn’t. I don’t know, all I know is this is nuts!

Fabian Hemmert recently spoke at a TED event where he described an Intimate Mobile Phone in a little over four minutes. Bottom line, using a wet sponge inside the phone, you can now blow a kiss that the other person will feel on their cheek. With the small motor inside the phone, the other person can now feel pressure on the back of their hand as if you were touching them. And, with a puff of air that blows out of the phone, you can feel like they are right next to you talking, almost whispering in your ear. I get it, and it’s kinda neat; however, I can’t imagine getting of feeling of closeness or sincerity from the wetness of a sponge inside my phone. However, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I just need to try this out before making any judgments. After all, I’m open to anything.

[via Slash Gear]