Flashback to 1975: The First Kodak Digital Camera

We all love our digital cameras, don’t we? Lately, with all the super cool photography apps available, many people don’t even carry a digital camera anymore; they just use their mobile phones to take pictures on the go.

It’s always interesting to learn how technology is born, isn’t it? It’s inspiring to me to learn that most of the time; it starts with a simple dream, some spare parts and a random afternoon full of dreams. Over time, it evolves and grows into a part of our daily life.

In this rare blog post from 2007 on the Kodak blog, Steve Sasson (known as the inventor of the digital camera) talks about how it all began. It was a big deal back then to even imagine a camera that could take images without film. The first digital camera was pieced together using old movie camera parts and a bunch of digital and analog circuits wired together.

Back then; it took 23 seconds for the camera to record the image, which was then played back on a television set. It was marketed as “Film-less Photography.” If you are an inventor with big dreams, I encourage you to read this inspiring post about this very special dream, which eventually became a major part of our lives and our memories! Can you believe they called the huge camera in the picture below “portable” back then? My how things change!

[via today and tomorrow]