Foldable Homes – Fold Up Your House and Take It With You!

I am sure you have read the article written by Diana called Downsizing Life – The House The Size Of A Parking Space. I think what that lady decided to do was very wise. There are times when we want to live a more simple life. So many things complicate our lives, and it would be great to take a breather and downsize it all.

I don’t like moving, the physical labor as well as the emotional strain that goes with changing homes can be so tiring. I remember two years ago when we moved to our present home, it took us about a week just to get everything moved and arranged. We had to go to work during that time, so the only time we can could really concentrate on the decorating and arranging of the furniture was on weekends or when we got home after work. However, even after all the hard work, I must say that we are truly happier in the new house. It is much bigger and cooler than our previous residence.

Have you ever seen a house that folds? I truly wish at times that we could just have a foldable home. I found a very cool example of how it can be done. I was amazed to see that this is even actually possible.