Audi’s Car Can Park Itself When You Use The Parking App [Video]

How would you like it if your car dropped you off at the door of your office and then drove itself around the parking deck to find a parking spot where it would perfectly park itself? After work, you could open your parking app on your iPhone again and activate your car. It would drive itself out from the parking space and right up to the door to pick you up. It sounds like science fiction, but it’s true. You can watch all this in action in the video below.

I’ve written about driverless cars before, and although it has always seemed like a fascinating concept, you really can’t get the full effect until you see it in a video like this. Then suddenly it hits home. It can even parallel park! Audi’s car finds a parking space using ultrasound sensors. Once it has found a large enough space, it notifies the driver via an iOS parking app. If the driver approves of the space, he or she hits the button on the parking app and the car parks itself.

That’s not all Audi’s new car can do. It comes equipped with many features that will assist the driver while the driver is driving the car also. Like for example, the parking system plus which will provide the driver with a variety of views taken by surround view cameras from around the car. It presents those to the driver on a large monitor inside the car.

According to Audi, this technology is currently ready to use in its cars, but the software still needs some work. Within this decade though, this could become standard. Imagine if we all had a car like this. I’m thinking features like these could make the roads a lot safer for inexperienced drivers who need a little help. You can read all the geeky details about how exactly this works on Fourtitude. I just wonder, will this make valets obsolete?

How Would You Like To Park Your Car With A Parking App?




Via: [Fourtitude]