For Moody Tweeps: The Emoticon Keyboard

It seems emoticons are taking over the world, doesn’t it? I put one in almost every one of my tweets, and I just love them. It’s crazy to me how much emotion a person can convey in a few symbols put together. It’s like another language. I’m also noticing in so many social apps that I download it asks, “Would you like to set your mood?” and it gives a selection of emoticons to choose from. Emoticons are what we use to show the online world how we feel, and it seems we are using them more and more.

Soon you will be able to change your mood online as quickly as you change it in real life. This is the emoticon keyboard, and I wish I could get one today. Right now this little beauty is only a prototype, but I still can’t wait to get one. It plugs into your computer via USB port, and it easily allows you to display sixteen different emotions with just a click! If you would like to know how to type more emoticons, you can visit the master list of smileys and emoticons.

This is conceived by a company called Lavateli. If anyone from the company reads this, may I make a small suggestion of something to add before this gets mass-produced? Please add an additional row of 4 keys that allows us to express: LOL, ROFL, LMBO (or LMAO) and WTH (or WTF). Then, I will officially say this keyboard is perfect. :)

Emoticon Keypad Expresses Emotions

Via: [Geek]