Four Key Benefits Of Underground Mining Technology

As technology and Artificial Intelligence have become such an integral part of everyday life, they are also playing a major role in the way businesses conduct their operations. Technology has also brought some major changes in underground mining. By making use of advanced and efficient equipment, businesses can increase productivity, make the environment safer, and speed up monotonous work.

If you are wondering about how underground mining technology can be useful, there are four key benefits that you can consider.

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1. Easy Mining And Material Transportation

For underground mining operations, material handling can be challenging. The goal of a mine haulage or material handling system is to move rock masses from one location to another efficiently while maintaining production rate and minimizing operating costs.

With the help of technology, machines can be designed that can be controlled remotely via devices. Control areas can be set up on site to display important coordinates and the area where mining is to take place.

Machines can be equipped with sensors that monitor different aspects, such as motion and obstacle detection. There can also be an effective communication system that allows workers to solve problems in real time and track their location as well.

In this way, the process of loading and hauling can be made significantly easier and businesses can eliminate risks of injuries to workers.

2. Reduces Health Risks

By using underground mining technology, companies can reduce the possibility of workplace accidents. The underground mining industry poses a number of potential health risks, including poor ventilation, mine explosions, low air quality, and less visibility.

Therefore, to ensure safe mine evacuations, this technology can be used effectively. It allows companies to monitor the environmental conditions underground and take safety measures to avoid incidents in the future.

The systems used for underground mining might also be accurately designed, evaluated, and optimized with the aid of simulators. With the mine ventilation simulator, businesses can simulate and animate airflow as well as the fans on site. The technology helps analyze ventilation in a rich and dynamic visual environment.

3. Introduces New Jobs

The introduction of underground mining technology can easily promote the growth of new jobs. Jobs in areas such as GIS mapping, software design, and data processing will be needed. Compared to the jobs that are being replaced, such as trucking, drilling, and blasting, these jobs tend to pay better.

While new technology can increase viability in some cases, the vastly increased scale of operation will lead to a rise in jobs even when jobs per tonne are falling.

4. Eco-Friendly

The concept of green technology involves reducing the emission of carbon during operations. Technological solutions can control and minimize the detrimental environmental effects of underground mining.

With the help of such systems, generating renewable energy is also an option. Companies can source solar power for underground mining areas and vehicles. In the end, this helps promote sustainability and reduces the impact on the environment of mining practices.

Mining underground will not only ensure the safety of miners and workers, but it will also result in a decrease in carbon dioxide emissions, which contribute to the greenhouse effect. Therefore, with underground mining, technology needs to be developed.

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